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Types of Private investigation services

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Types of Private investigation services


There is a variety of services that a private investigator can offer to his or her clients. He or she can specialize in one type of service or may generalize depending on the skills and training that he or she has. The investigations may be broadly categorized into two: criminal and civil investigations. Most private investigators are contracted as consultants in both civil and criminal cases and they may choose whichever category suits them best. We will not dwell in comparing and contrasting the two categories; we will instead dwell on the types of private investigation services a private investigator may offer to their clients. One of the services is matrimonial investigations. Matrimonial investigations can take place before a couple gets married or during the course of the marriage. People who also are in recognized legal unions and long term relationships may also seek this investigation service. Most people are now cautious on their partners and do not want to get married to a stranger. A person may contact a private investigator to do a background check so as to make sure you are neither marrying a criminal nor a gold digger. This investigation may also be used to come up with a pre-nuptial agreement if need be. During the course of the marriage, it is done when a spouse suspects their partner of infidelity, unfaithfulness or they start acting in a secretive manner.

Fraud and embezzlement is also another type of private investigation services that a private detective may offer.  The investigations may include: financial fraud, corruption, asset misappropriations, insurance fraud as well as hidden asset tracing. The private investigator will offer background checks, surveillance and undercover work so as to help you gather evidence of who is committing fraud, offering bribes or being offered bribes in order to give or get a service as well as tracking down the money and other hidden assets obtained fraudulently. Another type of investigation services that may be offered by a private investigator is commercial services. This is mainly offered to business entities as well as people who would like to invest. They include: Infringement of Trademark, contravention of Intellectual Property Rights, Background Checks On Companies you wish to merge with or acquire, background checks on Individuals offering investment services or brokerage services, Assets tracing and investigations, Partnership Frauds, Pre-employment Checks and Employee's Movement. Due diligence forms the backbone of commercial services.

Litigation support is also a type of investigation services a private eye may offer. This is mainly offered to attorneys and involves research work, data management, tracking down of witnesses, verifying information provided by other parties in the case, background checks on all pertinent individuals who may make or break the case, hidden asset tracing, undercover work and surveillance to uncover evidence that may prove guilt or innocence and also process serving. Digital forensics is a type of private investigation services that requires a private investigator skilled in computer science and information technology. This is because this kind of service is very technical and not all private investigators can specialize in it. They include: global positioning system, data recovery, handwriting forensics, computer forensics as well as email and phone tracking. This kind of service is usually provided in case of financial and insurance fraud, child pornography cases among other civil and criminal cases. The other services that a private investigator may offer but cannot really be grouped in a particular type of investigation services are: due diligence, locating of missing persons, tracing birth parents and old school friends and colleagues, mystery shopper, polygraph investigation and body guard and protective services. All these services require an experienced private investigator who has the requisite skills, professional and academic qualifications for you to reap fully from it. As a client, you should know what type of investigative services you require and get an expert in that area as a generalised private investigation service may not give you the results you may have wanted.


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