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Tips for Setting up a Successful Private Investigator Agency

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Tips for Setting up a Successful Private Investigator Agency


You have been a private investigator for a while and you have decided that it is time for you to come together with other private investigators and other similar minded people so as to form a Private Investigator Agency. But how do you go about it and what will make it a successful venture? It is wise to note that operating an agency is like running any other business and you need to have a business plan. A business plan will provide you with a clear road map on where you are headed and give you a clear picture of the fiscal, physical and human resources you will need to operate the investigator agency. A business plan will also help you secure investment and financing for you business. If need be, contact a professional to help you write an air tight business plan. Having a business plan is half the battle. The next step is to determine who your stakeholders, investors, and financers will be and the human resources required to run your agency. Assuming that you have secured your financing, have your human resource sorted out and have a physical location and address for your agency, then make sure you acquire the necessary licences from the relevant authorities.
When writing out the business plan, you would need to state whether or not you will be specializing in a particular field like white collar crimes, computer crimes, insurance, marital and relationship issues or you will be doing general investigative work where you will tackle all manners of investigative work. This will help you come with a target market for your private investigator agency and help you come up with marketing strategies. This will also help your agency to come up with a brochure that will be given to potential clients. The brochure should contain the agency’s contacts including physical address, email and telephone contacts. It should also have testimonials and referrals from previous clients of all the investigators in the agency so as to show how valuable and professional your services are. It should also contain a general overview of the services that the agency provides and a clear outline of the costs and investigators fees. You should also consider setting up a website for your agency where agency profiles as well as an overview of the lead investigators’ academic and professional qualifications are mentioned.
Buying of the necessary investigation equipments as well as training in the latest surveillance techniques will give you an edge from the other private investigator agencies that are around. Make sure you also square out all the legal requirements as well as understanding the legal rights accorded to you and your clients during the course of operating your private investigator agency. Form a network consisting of lawyers, legal aids and police officers who will come in handy in case a legal matter arises. Make sure you also acquire an indemnity cover as well as a personal accident cover and a group insurance cover that will be used by the members of your agency when in the line of duty. The indemnity cover will especially be useful when a professional suit is brought against you and your agency investigators by a client or any other party you associate with professionally. Find a good financial planner who will be usefully in making sure that the agency remains financially stable and does not run into debts. Come up with policies that will help you and members of your agency go for training as well as setting up a mentoring program so that you can pass on the skills acquired to the upcoming private investigators as well as sharpening your skills to help you become more successful. Setting up a private investigator agency requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but it is worth it in the end.


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