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Tips by SG detective , How to catch a cheating spouse?

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Tips by SG detective , How to catch a cheating spouse?

Did you ever think that your wife deceits you in spite of all the love and affection? It comes as a bolt from the blue. Are you humiliated with the suspicious acts of your wife? Seek the assistance of a private investigation company to spy into her life. Being an SG detective  I can say that private investigation companies deal with the cases with confidentiality and utmost privacy. There are no public influences or media attention on their investigation. These companies are provided with the license to look into family dysfunctions. The cases such as marital discord, infidelity, divorce, catch a cheating spouse, separation, parental discord, child abuse are addressed by the investigation companies. The functioning of the private investigation and their success rate has a great influential in people coming to seek their help. The assistance provided by the investigators help the clients to come to solutions and take further actions in their issue. Hence, the performance of the private investigators in the family dysfunctions is significant in dealing with those kinds of cases. Professional approach to the family cases is a must. There arise situations where either the spouse are not giving significant information and concealing the truths. This can be an obstacle during the investigation process.
From my experience as SG detective , Private investigation companies take up the family cases with utmost planning. The approach of investigation is standard and systematic. The data required for the investigation is collected from the client accurately. The person and place to be investigated is noted. Accuracy matters in the investigation process. Here the client is the husband and he is suspicious about his wife. He thinks that his wife is cheating on him. He wants to find out whether his wife is hanging around with another man or having extra marital affair. The client chooses the choice of Private investigation to solve his problem. Thus the investigators catch a cheating spouse. The investigator collects information about the client and his family. He seeks the identity proof of the marriage relationship, work and residence. Now as the investigation begins, the client gives the information of his wife. The investigation surrounds the neighbourhood, work place if his wife is working, her movements to and fro from house, telephone bills, friends and colleagues. To identify the culprit and informing the client is the main activity of the investigator. Confidentiality and the privacy in investigation are the main reasons for choosing private investigation. The detailed study is undertaken for the investigation. The client or the husband is assured an in depth and accurate information by the investigator. Evidences, witnesses and reports are submitted frequently.
As an experienced  SG detective myself I saw there are instances where the investigator is given false information also happens in the family investigations. This happens when the client is suspicious with false information or wants to dump his wife with inaccurate information. Here the investigator is at stake and are fooled. Hence a thorough study is performed before the start of the investigation. With the rise in techniques for acquiring information on catch a cheating spouse, the investigator can access the social media tools in which the client’s wife is involved in. Face book, twitter, LinkedIn and other websites help in identifying the clues for the case. With the rise in mobile phone use, the details of the phone calls availed from the telecom service providers. The investigators are provided with license so that they can avail these facilities. Movements of the wife can be traced. An investigator’s observation on the client’s wife should be specific and genuine. The investigators should ensure that the information collected is truthful and not made up stories. The client believes the information with the exact evidences and facts. The circumstances make him judge and take necessary actions.  

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