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The use of Global Positioning System in Private Investigation

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The use of Global Positioning System in Private Investigation


In the modern world, most people are concerned with their security and interference of their privacy. Maybe you need to keep an eye on someone as you do not trust their intentions. Sometimes you need to know where a person was at a particular time on certain day. Insecurities may lead you to become paranoid so you may consider the services of a private investigator to gather the evidence so you can have a settled mind. A private investigator will use his or her skills to protect you from perceived as well as real harm or danger. One of the skills the private investigator may use to assure you your safety or locate the person or information you need is by use of their surveillance technique. One of the surveillance techniques that the investigator uses is the global positioning system. This is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or in close proximity to the Earth, where there is an unhindered line of view to four or more GPS satellites is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver. A skilled private investigator has the requisite training, knowledge and skills to use the receiver and interpret the information garnered from it.

A global positioning system will aid the private investigator keep tabs in the movement of the subject under investigation. The private investigator will place tracker devices discreetly under cars, in purses; computers, rooms as well as any object that a person carries usually carries around on their person so as to enable them monitor the movements. All an investigator needs to do after placing the tracker is sit in their office or any other place of their choice and look at their digital screen to see where the subject under investigation is, who she or he is with and what exactly there are doing. Some of the trackers are fitted with a listening device that the private investigator can listen in on when it is in listening range. The tracker is capable of providing audio, visual as well as audio-visual data that the private investigator can process and use the information to garner more evidence to take forward to the client. The private investigator can also use the global system to trace phone calls and extrapolate the location of the subject under investigation if a tracker has not yet been put in place or on the person.

Tracking down criminals, cheating spouses, fraudsters as well as other persons of interest for whatever reason is a daunting task. It is also risky and can be life threatening if the person who is being monitored finds out he or she is being tracked. The use of surveillance equipments like cameras, listening devices and micro cameras may require you be in the vicinity of the location of the subject under investigation and this can be tiresome. More resources like use of more time and money for fuel and accommodation may increase the budget of surveillance so use of a global positioning system is cost effective. It also reduces the element of risk and danger as once the tracker is put in place, all the investigator does is sit in a danger free location and track, record and document the movements of the subject under investigation. The downside is if the tracker fails to function or the tracker is lost or not on the person of the subject of interest due to change of attire, purse, hand bags, wallets or any other portable object it was on was left behind. A well trained, skilful investigator will be able to supplement the use of the positioning system with other conventional and contemporary means so as to ensure the surveillance goes according to plan. But all in all, the global positioning system is a welcome addition in the private investigation field.


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