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The time that I hired a private investigator: here is my experience. True story

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The time that I hired a private investigator: here is my experience. True story

Hello my dear reader, my name is Tony M. I was born in Germany but I live and work in England since 2005 (seven years ago) where I’m employed as a mechanic engineer in the firm of a famous technological gadget’s brand that I cannot name for commercial reason; I’m 56 years old and I’m married with Julia, my one and only love, we met in the University and we have been together for more than 30 years.
We also have a son, Christian 23 years old student at the Cambridge College; unfortunately, it was because of him that I needed to contact a private investigator.
In this short article I want to share with you my experience, I’m a parent and I know how it feels to have bad concerns about a son, that’s why I wrote this with the hope to help as many of you as I can.

My child Christian was born when we lived in Germany, he was raised with love and dedication by my wife: although she has a graduation in mechanic engineering, we were in the same class, when she was pregnant I had a job good enough to make her retire from her job and then we decided to grow our son with the unique care of a mother instead of send him in some kind of kindergarten or give him in the hand of a baby-sitter, so she had became a lovely housewife and raised our son with the maximum of the attention that a mother may give.
Christian used to be a perfect boy: best grade in the school and lots of interests; he was in the church’s boy scout group and everything seemed to co on in the right way. Until we moved to Manchester. Christian suffered a lot from this change, he missed his friends and started to spend a lot of time alone in his room, we were more and more worried because of his strange behavior and we suspected that he started to smoke marijuana. That’s why we decided to hire a private investigator to follow him.

After the end of the high school, Christian moved to Cambridge where he signed in the well known local college, one of the best in the world. It was the first time that he was alone and away from home and my wife was very concerned about his new life.
When we decided to contact this private investigator Christian was in the second year of his college, he was 21 and seemed to be a normal guy; but he was always very reserved about his private life: he never talked with us about his friends, he never introduced any girlfriend to us and my wife used to cry alone every night.
I could do nothing but hire this private investigator to know what the hell this boy was doing, why he was so strange, which secret he was trying to hide to us; my wife was enthusiastic for this idea.

The private investigator moved to Cambridge and took a room in the college dormitory; officially he was just a new teacher assistant; the college direction was very kind to allow him in the dormitory and keep this little secret, they cared a lot for the integrity of their students and accepted to help us in this investigation.
After a few week our suspicion were confirmed: the detective showed us some pictures of our son in a tobacco store buying a bag of tobacco and a pack of rolling paper, you know which kind of rolling paper I’m talking about, the one used to prepare handmade marijuana cigarettes. My wife almost had a nervous breakdown; I had to send her back to her mother house, in Germany, in order to let her recover from the shock. I retired Christian from the college and sent him to a rehabilitation program. Now he is able to keep on studying from the clinic and move back to the college only to make his tests. I think that one day he will thank me.

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