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The Singapore Private Investigation of My Son

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The Singapore Private Investigation of My Son

I am a mother and had been married for 15 years.  I have two kids, the eldest 15 years old and the youngest 13 years which are both male.  I am a housewife and my husband works as a businessman.  I am always at home and my husband leaves the house in the weekdays for eight hours and will be with us during weekends.  My two kids go to school on the weekdays to so I am left alone at home most of the time.  I do my regular house hold chores and prepare meals for them so they have something to eat when they get home from school and work.  We were a regular family, happy and healthy.  But then a sudden change occurred in our family.  My eldest son started to have peer friends and that there was a change in his behavior.  I felt that something bad is happening to our son and I have to deal with it before it gets worse.  I tried to talk to him and ask him some whereabouts but he is not telling me anything.  His old friend told me my son is hanging out with the bad students in school but I cannot deal with it directly with him because he never admits anything to me.  Everything will just be blows with no targets and that I feel I am going nowhere.  But I felt I have to deal with this immediately and the longer the problem is left unsolved, the bigger the problem will become.  My husband tried to iron things out with my son with a man-to-man talk but it didn’t work.  My son just kept on denying he is doing something wrong.  And I believe unless he kept on doing that, the problem will never be solved.  And so my husband and I decided to make use of Singapore Private Investigation service to help us deal with the problem.
The Singapore Private Investigation took place with our son unaware of what is taking place.  It was important to keep this a secret so that he will get to continue his regular activities and be observed at that.  And we were right.  Our child was with the bad students, going anywhere but school and drinking alcohol and even taking prohibited drugs.  I was distraught upon knowing but I needed to be strong so these things can be dealt with.  My son was involved with drinking alcohol, gambling, smoking and taking prohibited drugs and I have to stop him save him from addiction and being too much involved in those activities.  The investigators gave the information he gathered to us and left us to deal with the problem ourselves.
We then had a heart-to-heart talk with my son.  We told him we had a Singapore Private Investigation done on him to keep track his activities and deal with it accordingly.  We showed him the information and pictures the detective gave us so he cannot deny it any longer.  Our son then admitted about his wrong doings and was sorry for all of it.  He said he just wanted to try new things and was unaware he was getting more involved of it.  He said will not do it again and he now knows what things to avoid and that he will focus more on his studies.  He was even thankful for our timely response and intervention to the problem or he might have been too tangled with the situation that it would have become harder for him to come back.  We were also thankful for his realization and for the help of the detective and because of that; we are now back on track as a happy and healthy family. 

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