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The Singapore Detective in my Business

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The Singapore Detective in my Business

I have been a businessman for almost 20 years now.  I acquired this business from my parents who worked hard to build this.  And now it is my turn to keep this business working and staying on top, and I was quite successful at that.  My business is earning big and continued in doing so for some time.  I even expanded my business and hired more employees to work for me.  I was able to make the company reach to the top and made it one of the top businesses in Singapore.  But then came a time when the business was slowing down, earnings lowered, and costumers lessened.  I searched for the cause of the problem and found nothing.  The business continued to regress until such time that I had to remove some employees since I can no longer handle a lot of them.  I was nearing bankruptcy and I can find no reason.  I was desperate to solve the problem before I lose everything and then I decided to hire a Singapore Detective.  I believe there really is a problem within the company and it needs to be dealt with first and foremost.  And I believed too that I need to take a look at the business when the employees think I am not looking.  I needed someone to do the looking for me so I will know how to deal with the source of the problem.  And I searched for a detective and found one.
I told him everything that has happened in the company in the last few years, giving him reports and documents that help him see what was going on inside the company.  He studied the files for some time and decided what to do.  He told me he should go to the business himself and pretend to be a costumer so he can investigate deep into the source of the problem.  He thinks there might be something wrong with how his employees deal with their clients and he was exactly right at that.  And in order for him to know which employees are not doing his/her job well, he made sure he gets to visit each and every employee, rating them as to how they deal with the costumer and gave the report to me.  The result was astounding.  Almost all of my employees were not doing well and had poor performance.  They did not immediately attend to the needs of the client and sometimes leaves the client alone.  This discovery made me realize the importance of good quality service and its relationship to having as much clients.  I immediately fired the said employees without accepting any explanations from them because if they had, I would have shown them the video as a proof on how good they were in the business.  I was really glad I hired a Singapore Detective.
And since I fired some employees, I needed to hire some new employees.  A lot of people applied for the job.  I conducted interview to better know the person, and could at least study and take note of the personality of the applicant.  And as a supplement to my screening process, I hired a Singapore detective to make a background check on each and every applicant that meets my specific requirement.  I had to be careful in selecting employees because I just learned a lesson how important is quality service in my business.  Today, I am starting to regain my business and am climbing my way back into the top that is, with the help of my trusted employees and the Detective who is behind of these all. 


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