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The Role of a Private Investigator in Locating Missing Person

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The Role of a Private Investigator in Locating Missing Person


When a loved one goes missing, it takes a physical, mental and emotional toll on those left behind. This is due to the worry of not knowing where they are and most importantly if they are alright or if something has happened to them. Most places require for a person to missing for forty eight hours or more before filling a missing person report at the police station. You have a gut feeling that it will be too late to wait for forty eight hours to elapse as it is unlike the missing person to go a day without contacting their loved ones. Or maybe you had already filled a police report and they investigated but now the trail has run old and the police say there is nothing much they can do to move along the case till new information is uncovered. You are in despair and do not know what more you can do. Or maybe you want to track down a lost friend or relative, someone who stole from you and has gone underground or maybe you need to trace your birth parents as you found out recently that you are adopted. All these situations may seem helpless but a private investigator may be of help in locating missing person.

A private investigator has the requisite training and skills to trace down or locate a missing person as locating missing person on your own without the help of a professional is a daunting task. A private investigator can use conventional investigative methods together with more current technological advances, for instance utilization of social media, and trawls of numerous databases, to trace a missing person. But he or she will also need the help of friends, family, acquaintances as well as colleagues of the missing person to track him or her down. This is because they are a source of potential critical information that will help in locating of the missing individual. Information required by the private investigator to aid in the investigation includes: full names as well as nicknames and aliases, date of birth, social security number, their place of residence, their physical description, any unique features or birthmarks or tattoos they may have on their body, physical address/ place of residence, a recent photograph, phone numbers, email accounts as well as his or her daily routine. This information will be useful in piecing together who the person is and what makes them tick. It will give the investigator the general overview of who the person is.

Additional information will be required so as the investigator can create a timeline of what the missing person was doing a week or two prior to their disappearance as well as the last time the witnesses saw him or her. This will help the investigator establish the frame of mind the missing person was in and help in analysing information so as to come up with possible leads and suspects. The more the information you provide to the private investigator, the easier it will be locating missing person. If the missing person has any skeletons in their closet, it is important to let the investigator know. This information will be treated with utmost privacy. The main aim of the private investigator is to locate the missing person so as to accord the family and friends piece of mind. Most people want fast results and outcome in the investigation process but it is better to be patient and keep in mind that the investigator will exhaust all avenues and use all the resources in  his or her disposal to help you locate your missing loved one. It may be harder to locate someone who decides they do not want to be found or one who is running away from the law, but a private investigator will treat the case with utmost urgency and privacy. Tracking down a missing person is no mean task and it can take a while, but regardless of the time it takes, using a private investigator will pay off in the long run.


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