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The Expertise needed by SG investigator while Conducting a Surveillance Operation

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The Expertise needed by SG investigator while Conducting a Surveillance Operation


Are you thinking of a surveillance operation?? Mind it; it’s not an easy task. Everyone can follow someone or can follow their vehicles but it requires great courage and skill to spy someone without letting him know. Such type of skill is developed only after the hard work and dedication of several years in the field. In Singapore (SG) there is a huge demand of detectives these days. An SG investigator has to be very much be very much skilled in order to solve the cases of the client with very high proficiency. This article will focus on the expertise required and the steps followed while conducting a Surveillance Operation. The basic 5 steps which are needed to be taken by the investigation agency are Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading and Controlling. These 5 steps will be discussed in detail in this article and will surely shed light upon the various skills which are important for every detective.
As a surveillance personnel every SG investigator regularly learns new things about operations, whether this is on combined, mobile surveillance, technical or static surveillance. Starting from the first step i.e. Planning, under this step the detective agency start the case with the preparation of a blue print of the details given by the client. It includes all the planning process of how the surveillance will be done, data will be gathered, what proofs need to collected, audio visual aids requires, report preparation etc. It helps to check for the unforeseen circumstances which can arise during the surveillance so that preventive action can be taken well in advance. The need for planning also increases because if there is absence of proper plan the detectives can land into trouble and delegation of authority and responsibility will be disturbed. Imagine a situation where the detectives are on there surveillance mission and they are blank about which detective has to perform which task on field.
Next important step is to organize the team in such a way that all the detectives get proper work to do and a hierarchy is maintained in which they will proceed in the surveillance mission. Under staffing it is ensured that each SG investigator is placed at the right job during the whole operation. The age of detective, experience and other skills are also checked while assigning the task to him. Objectives are explained to him, resources are identified and allocated to him, proper method is chosen for the operation which is ethically accepted by the society. Under the next step i.e. leading , a leader is appointed who is responsible for the whole of the operation. He ensures that all his team member are fully aware of the roles assigned to them. From the starting of operation till its end, leader plays a significant role in making the task achievable.
Controlling is the most important step in executing the surveillance operation. Without proper control , no one can guarantee the work to be successful. In this step the SG investigator makes a comparison that whether the plan which was prepared at initial stages of the operation has been met or not. Even in this step the leader detective is the real hero of all and everybody pats his back for the successful work done by him. The data collected during the operation is fully analyzed and interpreted before submitting it to the client. During the whole process,  one thing is specially taken care that government rules and regulation are followed without any compromises. It is also important to maintain, when required, communication with other detectives also who are contributing to the operation. So after studying the whole article it is very much clear that the task of detectives is very cumbersome and involves high degree of risk.


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