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The Cheating Spouse

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The Cheating Spouse



Has it ever occurred to you to ponder whether your spouse is a cheating spouse? Have you seen some symptoms? Has your best friend or neighbor told you that he or she suspects that his or her husband is engaged in the act? Are you paranoid about getting yourself and your relationship into it? Seriously, no one has ever given a concrete and standardized criterion as to how one could directly assess and or find out whether his or her spouse is cheating on him or her. Had there been, many would have been put into test. This is because there are many reasons as to why people claim that their spouses are cheating on them. And these reasons differ from one person to another, depending on many factors.  Aside from financial problems, lack of security, incompatible behavior, and distance, cheating is one major problem faced by many if not most couples at any age and any type of relationships.
This problem has been in existence even before relationships were created and up to now, no one seems to be really able to pinpoint as to how and why a cheating spouse is born out of what used to be a healthy, promising and honest relationship. Some would say that their spouses are cheating on them because their spouses are admiring other people, while to others, such act is just normal since we as humans have the tendency to show appreciation for those things which are pleasant to our senses. Others may also claim that when one feels the coldness in the relationship as well as the treatment from his or her spouse, it could be a big, red, check, indicating that indeed their partner is actually a cheating spouse. Rather than deciding right away, one has to consider that cheating isn’t solely the reason why “coldness” may appear in a relationship.


Personal, financial, or work-related stress could cause this coldness claimed by many. Also, just because your spouse has been “cold” on you for a day, it already means that he or she has found someone to whom he directs his sweetness and or affection. Third, some claim that his spouse cheats because there are changes in the way he acts, especially on privacy. As for this, one must consider that many people value their privacy; just because you are married it doesn’t mean that you will have to know everything he does and tries to do 24/7. Surely, no one could directly claim that his or his spouse is cheating unless he or she could present concrete evidences to justify his or her suspicion of actually having a cheating spouse. To accuse someone, especially your spouse of cheating would be a very heavy emotional baggage for you and your spouse, especially if in reality there is no really cheating that is happening between the two of you.
To help out couples with this, a lot of options are available. Some people go into counseling while others try to talk it out between them and their partners. Another option to settle suspicions or thoughts would be to hire a private investigator or detective to trace the whereabouts of the suspected spouse. This method is easy and reliable, however, there are those who find this uncomfortable as by doing this, and they feel their privacy penetrated. This is because they have to share some private information about their married life, plus, they feel shameful every time the result of the investigation points out that their spouses actually have extra marital affairs that are kept away from them. And their reaction could either be denial, self pity anger, and others all because of a cheating spouse.


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