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The Cheating spouse in Singapore

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The Cheating spouse in Singapore

A cheating spouse in Singapore is probably like any other in the world you may find that the reasons they cheat is simply down to unhappiness or opportunity.  Unhappiness can be caused by lots of things and the person doing the cheating may not intentionally be aiming to make the other unhappy but simply see a way to relive themselves from this feeling temporarily. The numbers of infidelity cases being heard are increasing and it’s not just the men that are guilty, Women share a good portion of the guilt themselves.  Women are reported to be guilty of cheating in 50% of marriages compare this to 60% of married men and it looks quite even really.  When we suspect our partner of infidelity we can usually tell something is not right by the way they are acting.  We pick up on subtle changes in their personality or routine.  They may have started changing the way they dress or randomly started wearing cologne or perfume. They may start taking calls in private or hanging up when the husband/wife comes into the room.  Sometimes we may suspect our partners are cheating on us when they aren’t they may be just be being friendly.  You could start by talking to them and telling them that this situation is making you uncomfortable, they may have perfectly reasonable explanation.
Private detectives have ways of catching a cheating spouse in Singapore such as bugging of cell phones.  Application and removal of tracking devices can be used on their car to see where they go. They can even hack into a personal computer to get information of websites they use and people they communicate with via the internet. Honey traps are a controversial subject but can be affective in luring a spouse to if they are of the opportunistic type. A honey trap is defined by as “a strategy whereby an attractive person coerces another person into doing or revealing something; also, a person employing this strategy to entrap another”. It’s possible you could get all the information you need from checking cell phone calls and the sent a received.  A phone bill holds a wealth of information and this is often where private detectives will start. If you do decide to use a private investigator Agency to look into your suspicions then you should refrain from approaching them with them as they may still continue but do so in a more cautious way.  To help investigations you could collect as much data as you can, this could save time an money. The type of data you could collect are receipts photos and name of people you suspect (if you know any).   

A private detective once found a cheating spouse in Singapore by tracking him as he went passed the gym, where he said he was going and directly to the house of his ex wife.  When the details were passed to the wife she packed his bags before he came back. When he came back she told him that she knew he was cheating on her and the marriage was over. He said nothing as he knew he had been caught out.  If find that your spouse has been having unprotected sex outside the marriage then before you can get over it you may need to get tested for STDs.  Not know whether or not you could be carrying something could allow stress to build up the longer you leave it the more stress it will cause.  If you cannot reconcile the relationship because you have been hurt too much then you should walk away from it.  If you think you can get over it then you may want to consider counselling. Counselling may be able to identify the underlying problem with the relationship an aid the healing process.  Whatever way you decide to deal with it id up to you

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