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The Best Way to Find a Detective in Singapore

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The Best Way to Find a Detective in Singapore


Unlike most freelance or self-employed professionals that the average person will seek for employment at some point during their lifetime, the profession of investigation has an added characteristics to compound the already arduous and nerve-racking process of contracting: stigma. Detectives and investigators have been stereotyped as individuals who deal with cases that involve shady, underhanded dealings. In the process of solving such cases they inevitably intertwine their own professional image and reputation with the stigma associated with criminals. Ironically, detectives and investigators have become associated with the criminals that they seek to find evidence against—and unfortunately, there are times when these stigmas hold true to character. Of course, you cannot stereotype all detectives and investigators as ultimately bad or ultimately good, but you should still do a little extra research and preparation in the realm of security as an extra precaution against potential threats to yourself and your bank account—no matter what. The majority of widely available tips concerned with the process of meeting, interviewing, researching, and eventually hiring a private investigator or detective are universally true across country borders. However, in this particular article we will be delving a bit more in depth to a specific locality: detectives in Singapore.

There are a few basic steps that you need to be aware of when going about trying to find a detective in Singapore—or, in the case of these rules, any sort of professional that you need to contact for a service. To begin with, it is best to ensure that the detective or investigator that you are going to has a legitimate practice; meet him (or her) in his office and make sure that the office is in a reputable part of town where any confidential information from your case that is store there will be safe and secure. Pay attention to what the office looks like. Is the office decorated? Is the office clean? Is there proof of licensure (Ex: certificates or diplomas) on proud display? Such details may seem superficial, but a work area can say a lot about an individual. Also, make sure that any interviews or meetings—especially initial meetings—between you and the detective and investigator take place in the office and not at a designated meeting spot in a public place because it denotes a lack of professionalism and potential fraud on the part of the detective or investigator. The last thing that you need to aware of is still somewhat connected to the topic of an office: make sure that there are others who are working at the office. Ultimately, make sure that the detective or investigator has colleagues of other individuals who are tracking the work being done on your case. Detectives or investigators who can show proof that they are employed by or work for or with an agency are generally more trustworthy than a single detective who works by himself.


Also, it is important to be aware that you are not alone in the process of finding a private investigator. Sometimes the aforementioned tips to ensure safety, security and confidentiality don’t result in a good hire, leaving you with a problem that needs to be solved and nobody to help you solve the problem. Many people have had an experience such as this, and, aided with the understanding that hiring a detective or investigator is a daunting and frightening process, brought about the creation of a site called The website is not only a good way to find a private investigator or detective in Singapore—it is the absolute best way. The website operates much the same way as a traditional agency, but with the added ease of easy internet access and quick results, giving users seeking private investigative assistance access to certified professionals with the click of a button. It is a streamlines process that still allows for confidentiality and security. Without a doubt, it makes the entire process of hiring a private detective much easier, providing background checked and certified professionals, indicator articles and tests to help determine the nature of cases, and a platform of suggested questions that make it easy for you to begin the interview process and learn what you need to know about a potential private investigator or detective before you hire them. 


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