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Handwriting Forensic Investigation

Jack the Ripper and The Killer Clown are two famous examples of serial murderers that moved masses of polices and investigators in order to find them. The first one typically murdered prostitutes in slums of London in 1888. His victims typically presented the removal of internal organs, which suggest his knowledge in surgery. The Killer Clown was convicted of assault and murder of around 33 teenage boys and young men, between 1972 and 1978 in Chicago. Unfortunately, they made history in this way, and nowadays, these cases are studied in criminology universities around the world. One of the first applications...

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Private Detectives In The Modern Days

When we hear the word private detectives one usually thinks of those guys in hats, shades with mysterious personality usually trailing someone. Some also remember fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes and usually relates the word to solving crimes, especially murders. However, most of the views and impression that we have about private detectives are incomplete. Though the things mentioned earlier are still done by detectives today, the industry of private detection has grown so much. It is not just restricted to these kinds of jobs anymore. One is also mistaken if he thinks that we now have a lesser need...

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