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Steps after hiring private investigator

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Steps after hiring private investigator


When you have already hired an investigator privately, do not think that you have finished all your work instantly. You have also more responsibility and some checking work after hiring private investigator for your own detective purpose. You should always have an up to date contact with him or her. You can have a connection through internet or e-mail with him or her. This is a more fast and effective way of keeping communication between you. These or more duties are to be done for your own betterment and security purpose, not for any other matter. Do not get close or intimate with him or her in mentally or physically so quickly, because it is one type of official or formal relation between you. And he or she is still a stranger. So keep a required distance in communicating either face to face or by any media. If you want, you may ask your private investigator for a meeting. These could be arranged in your home or outside your home. Any restaurant could be chosen, but you should keep in mind the matter of privacy. You must be sure that any other people in not engaged in overhearing your talking or movements.

Check for any spying device is attached with you or with your surroundings i.e. your residence, workplace, vehicles etc. For this checking, you can take help from your private investigator. He can make sure of being watched or heard by someone or not. The spying person could be your enemy. That person may have or may be used you as a victim. So, be careful from the very beginning of hiring private investigator. The detective could be also an enemy to you, as you do not know him well. In the world of nowadays, it is even very difficult to believe your relatives also. So, you should be aware of what other people are doing. Keep a fair connection with them not only in need of relation, but also for your own investigative purpose. Do not compromise with the matter of your security. It you doubt anyone, file a case or write a diary in nearby police station against him or her. If you want to sleep well in your home at night, be tension free from the matter of being spied otherwise you may face the worst nightmare of your life. There is no substitute of being cautious.

You may ask your detective if he or she is in need of something important. It may be or may be not related with the investigation work. Salary is an essential phenomenon. We sometimes are annoyed with the question of money, but after at the end of the day money is king of all the solution of problem. So if your private investigator asks for increasing the salary, do a face to face meeting with him or her about it. Negotiation is a better option. Make sure it is happily done, or else something wanted could be happened in the progress of your work. Low salary can decrease the seriousness of his work. So to give a handsome salary is the optimum choice for you. You must check the progress of investigation works. Don’t sit idle in home after just increasing the payment of your detective. You must deserve more sincerity in work with the increase of money. The investigator may need any other material for his personal use except money. So ask freely for his need. It is not so difficult to maintain a spy or detective for your work. Try to regulate the instructions then the tasks after hiring private investigator will be very easy for you.


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