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Singapore Investigation: Strictly Legal

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Singapore Investigation: Strictly Legal

Isn’t it funny sometimes how we are caught in awe, gaping as we see in reality what we only see in James Bond films? People from the Singapore investigation industry are really doing a good job at secretly eyeing, spying and probing for undisclosed truths, anomalies, or scandals; they take hold of what is supposed to be highly-confidential, i.e., top secret or classified information. It may seem engaging and thrilling but the nature of their job is much more than that, it is fairly technical which demands high-precision and sharp know-how in the field of investigation. It demands analysis, knowledge of the law, utmost secrecy, and of course, agility to perform the tasks at hand. Their every step and every move are planned and counted. They solve maze-like problems with ease because they are hailed experts in the field of mind-boggling investigation. They gather facts from the circumstances, and they draw conclusions thereof. This must be the most exciting job in the world.

However, there are people in authority or even those in private sector who holds power in their hands, who sometimes make baseless and unfounded assumptions resulting to wrong conclusions that the conduct of private investigations isn’t lawful; that the means employed by the investigators are no longer within the bounds of law, hence, arrestable. This is tantamount to plain, groundless accusations which is unjust. Consequently, some Singapore investigations may be impeded. The investigators may be hampered from properly carrying out their duty to gather as much evidence, using whatever legal means possible, for the speedy and efficient flow of the case. This slows the fast-paced process of data collection which logically bears a negative effect on the end-results.

If this state of affairs will continue, if other persons in authority will regard private investigators like they have no legal right to investigate, it may eventually lead to the deterioration of the quality of Singapore investigation. This situation may diminish the faith of the people towards their investigators. It is definitely a grim occurrence, a gloomy predicament for the future of private investigation. Private investigations should be given great regard, for they are, like our law enforcement officers, protecting the interests of those who are victimized or aggrieved, those whose rights are violated. They are, in a way, vanguards of justice. It’s quite an important role they play to keep our society from collapsing. Whether we admit it or not, they are part of this topsy-turvy ride that we are in, and the good guys need them.

Notwithstanding these misconceptions, however, Singapore investigation is definitely valid, legal, and allowable in all its terms, without a shadow of doubt. In order that a private investigation company would be allowed to operate and conduct business in the country, they have to secure a license from the Singapore Police Force’s Security Industry Regulatory Department (SIRD). On the same vein, private investigators are also required to secure a license from SIRD. It is also noteworthy that most of these investigators are either former military officers or police officers; therefore, they were trained to abide by the law and not the other way around. This gives us a better point of view as to how the companies in the investigation industry in Singapore go about with their dealings. When you hire them, they mean business. They are snappy and quick, but always wary. And most of all, they are aware of their legal limitations. They undertake activities only within their jurisdiction as private investigators. And finally, the investigator-client relationship is highly-confidential in nature. So the next time you might need a James Bond-like investigator, don’t doubt, don’t hesitate, they are strictly legal and your secret’s safe with them.

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