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              Cheating spouse is now one of the talked about issue in modern world. A survey on cheating spouse depicts that every day in whole world approximately 2000 cases on cheating spouse are being solved. You can see that it is becoming a huge problem for married couples and also for unmarried couples too. So we should prevent it before a spouse becomes a cheater.

                  To prevent your spouse to becoming a cheater first you have fix in mind the signs of a cheating spouse. Some of the well-known signs of a cheating spouse are given below.
Sign – 1: If you see deprivation of quality moments it is a sign. Certainly, you will also find absence of touchy moments. There will no more romantic conversation with you. He/ She will not give you enough time when he is at home. He/ She will certainly pass holidays with his/her friends and will try to ignore your proposal. Definitely you will feel very annoying at that period.

Sign – 2: If you ask where is he/she going certainly he/she will argue with you without any cause! He/ She will try to create a scene so that he/she can create an opportunity to go outside of house without telling you where he is going! So at that time you have to be suspicious about his/her regular routine.

Sign – 3: If he/she asks regularly about your daily routine be suspicious that he/she is going to do some wrong in your absence. It can be meeting with girl/boy with whom your cheating spouse has an illegal affair. So you to be careful and don’t let him do what he plans. Remember that your spouse will not care about anything even not about you when he/she will become a cheater. So don’t tell your spouse about your timings. Just answer his question casually.

Sign – 4: If he/she stops to fuss you over for intercourse for months it’s a 100% possible sign of a cheating spouse. No one can live without sex for months. It would maximum 1-2 weeks a married human can stay without sex. So if he/she is not getting coitus with you then where else he/she is involving for sex?

Sign – 5: Does he/she feel tired when you ask for going outside or going for dinner or having sex. It could be also a sign of a cheater if your spouse is not a garments worker or works on construction.

Sign – 6:  Do you think your spouse is getting more and more stylish every day. Is he/she often buying new dresses? Do your spouse is hanging out with his friends more often in new fashion costumes? If this happens he/she may be lying to you and going to meet new women with his cattle friend’s in night bar/disco clubs.

Sign – 7: If your spouse gets conservative, show superciliousness and behaviour that irritates you, certainly is one of the sign of a cheater.

                    It doesn’t matter how hard you try to catch them you will not be able to catch them in that last stage. So you have to be always alert if you see any one of the sign described above. Cheating spouse will not easily leave any cheating sign in your hand eventually.

                    If you think, you are facing bearings like this then you should confront your spouse then and there but with proofs. Though it is hard to find proofs but you have to do it to carry on your relationships. If you repel him/her then he/she will say sorry and will discuss the cause why he wanted to do that. It is not impossible to make realize your cheating spouse of his fault and bring him/her in your life.


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