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SG private detective explains polygraph exam

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SG private detective explains polygraph exam

As an SG private detective I can say judging a person’s deceptive behaviour using machines is a well found invention in contemporary times. Polygraph exam used in the private investigation company is one of the most modern techniques used for criminal investigations. A testing is performed to analyze the psychological responses of the criminal to the standardized questions from the investigators. The person or the criminal is subjected to a series of questions. It is also called as Lie detector. Thus the polygraph exam involves interpreting the deception from the psychological responses of the criminal. Psychological responses are  stimulated by lies and deceiving others. This can be promptly found through the testing. It is not the lie which is detected but the deceptive behaviour.  The polygraph machine or the instrument used for the testing is a medical device. The examiner monitors the changes shown in the lie detector device. The changes in the body are derived from the fluctuations in the responses. The person’s heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and electrodermal activity such as sweating changes from the normal level are considered by the machine. The fluctuations can be clearly identified but the final conclusion is dependent upon the interpretation of the examiner.
The first polygraph device for polygraph exam has a needle which draws in a strip of paper. Now the latest digital equipments have come to the market. Once the criminal is exposed to a polygraph exam, several cables run and are connected through the body of the person. Four to six sensors are attached to the body of the criminal. The person’s breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure and perspiration are counted. The examination is conducted by a well trained person in the private investigation company who can identify lies with high accuracy. The questions asked during the polygraph exam are standardized. Criminal investigations are mostly dealt through this examination. From my experience  as an SG private detective I know polygraph exam is being commonly used in the police departments for investigating purposes. The investigation company uses the technique to integrate modern methods into their investigation processes. The police use the consent of the accused to take up a polygraph test. The accused is entitled to perform the test as per the legal fraternity. Private Investigation Company uses the mechanism to ensure that the criminals are caught and punished for their illegal activities. Increase in criminal activities has made the investigation teams to use these procedures to find the real criminal. Hence the lie detecting mechanism has been extensively used in recent times.
Judging from carear as an SG private detective ,Private investigation is utilizing the polygraph exam for finding frauds and criminals involved in thefts, robbery, murder, rape, cheating spouses, smuggling and other illegal activities. Identifying the changes in the neurological part of the individual is the success of this procedure. The accused is subjected to a polygraph exam with the presence of his/her lawyer. There is no place for forced polygraph exam. However, the examiner cannot get a genuine interpretation while doing a forced polygraph exam. It is used as an aid to the investigation purpose. It is an additional aid among the other investigation methods. The investigation might or might not have significant scope after the polygraph exam. Investigation team manages a team for conducting polygraph exam. The examiner infers the interpretation according to the result of the exam. The examination of psychological reactions in one person can be tricky sometimes. It highly depends on an individual’s mental stability. If an individual who is subjected to a polygraph exam is strong enough to maintain a cold state. Then the examination might have a puzzled interpretation. Hence the private investigation company ensures that the investigation does not end with this test. 

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