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Services Offered By Private Detective SG

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Services Offered By Private Detective SG


The private investigative world is one which baffles people more so those not conversant with its services. Singapore is no exception; most people rely on the services of police and other government institutions who may not serve their interests at all times. Corruption rife and services of a personal not criminal nature not meted, a niche market was formed that private investigators came to take advantage. A private detective in Singapore or simply a private detective SG handles a wide range of issues and services. Key among these services being, civil cases resolution. Civil cases deal with a broad spectrum of issues comprising of pre-employment checks, individual background checks for companies, trademark infringement and other intellectual properties rights. Private investigation liaison with lawyers to investigate such claims and bring to book those found guilty. Undercover operations are also undertaken on the company premises or outlets where fraud of an insurance nature is suspected. This service is most requested by insurance firms that investigate claims from clients before compensation is made. Pre-employment checks are very essential when many companies are hiring new employees to avoid those applicants with pending fraud cases or those how have criminal records and may impact badly on the reputation of the company.

The interesting services offered by private investigative companies include tracing of missing persons, theft, handwriting forensics and mischief. Imagine that loving family member for example grandma, cousin who one day disappear without a trace. This reality has confronted many people, who are desperate for closure and some peace of mind. Police only reports cases of missing persons after twenty four hours and investigations begin after a week at best. Leading experts in tracking say that the first twenty four hours are the most important in locating missing persons, hence private investigations offer some relief. A private detective SG also handles theft cases in the broad sense, from missing laptops to carjacking cases. Think of that favorite ring given to by your grandmother on your wedding day, which has more of a sentimental value than commercial. Police definitely not understand why they should use state resources to trace such an item. Mischief whether prank calls, unintended destruction of property are all candidates for investigation by private investigators. Most mischief cases usually are resolved by compensation to the grieved party but some may be criminal and lawyers or police can be involved. Private investigation should not replace the service of the Police force but should aid it in fighting crime. 

The final category of services offered by private detectives SG is marital and general relationship arbitrations. Many people dream of the day they walk down the aisle but have you ever wondered about the true nature of the person that you were going to marry? Many of us are overtaken by love to ever consider that the person you are to marry may be in it for ulterior motives. Pre-marital checks are one of the services to counter the problems discussed above. Unfortunately, public institutions do not offer such specialized services and therefore need for private investigators. Singapore like any other growing Asian market attracts its fair share of foreign brides and various get rich-quick individuals. Services of private investigators are essential to the protection of those in love to avoid being taken advantage of. Leave alone those getting into marriage even married people need to be sure of the fidelity of their spouses, especially in this day and age of the deadly HIV/AIDS pandemic. Close surveillance of the suspected spouse can reveal evidence of infidelity, which can be used in a court of law in divorce case proceedings. Ultimately, all of us are looking for love and private investigators ensure we are safe while doing so.


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