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Security in Pre-Employment Check

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Security in Pre-Employment Check

Dozens of applications on different job openings has been opened by various companies for almost every month and they receive a handful of resumes all with the same qualification: graduated with a bachelor’s degree in this university, have worked in this prestigious organization, has a license on this craft and kind of technology and that, people can have the same qualifications on how far they had achieved throughout the careers. They may eventually all hired, but they would be trimmed down in the form of pre-employment check catered by the company. Pre-employment check is a hiring practice for them to avoid lawsuits or making mistakes towards the people that they hire. Pre-employment testing may take the form of psychometric testing, background checks or drug testing which would be able to bring out the side of an applicant which could not be seen in a resume or curriculum vitae.
Psychometric testing is a tool that companies employ to gain insight into an applicant’s personality, this disproves the saying “What you see is what you get”. There are times when the face of an applicant can get to be misinterpreted especially with the shape of the eyebrows which can be flashy for an interviewer. There can be a designated psychometrician in the company who would be able to administer this test. It would also help them know if their applicant has behavioral problems so that they would be able to study if he would be hired or not. Background checks is a procedure wherein the company, with the help of a private investigator compiles the records (financial, criminal (if available) and other relevant documents) of their applicants to answer the questions where had they come from prior to applying to the company, what have they done or had they left something in the company behind prior to their application.
Meanwhile, drug testing is a type of test that can assess the health and fitness of an applicant. Here, the company can assess his medical history especially if he has taken drugs before or any other medicines that the company must know before they should hire the applicant. Drug testing should not be taken as form of unlawful discrimination or against the capacity of the applicant to perform the job description he has been applying to, it can be taken as the company’s preventive measure and a way to get to know people who would be part of their company for the longest time. It must be initiated by a reliable person, like a private investigator who would be handling the material confidentially and would be keeping the results from being known to other employees which are irrelevant to pre-employment checks.
If you are an applicant, you should not find anything wrong with pre-employment checks. They would help your perspective company classify the applicants they would be hiring with each of them expected to stay in the company for 2 or more years and would also secure you in the future for having to work with people who cannot do the job. If you are an employee, you must think of various ways to employ pre-employment checks, you can either do it on your company or outsource pre-employment checking like a private investigator. You must check if the private investigator is reliable and trained for this type of investigation and assure that you would not violate the rights of your applicants and your company policies. If you need a hand with pre-employment check, do not hesitate to call on private investigation services to help you. Your investment (money and time) would be worth your satisfaction once they had done the job well at hand.


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