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Reasons to Use a Private Investigator for Process Server Service

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Reasons to Use a Private Investigator for Process Server Service


One of the services a private investigator or a private investigation agency offers is that of serving of process. Serving of process is the official procedure to give legal notice to a person. A process server is the person charged with the responsibility of serving of process in which he or she delivers court documents such as: subpoenas, summonses, orders, writs, affidavits, Divorce Petitions, statutory demands, injunctions, Judgments, complaints, Summons or Claim forms. The serving of process has to be performed in a particular manner as outlined in the legal procedure act and a notarized affidavit has to be signed giving details on how, when, where and to whom the papers were served. Process server service is made tough when the person targeted does not want to be served. Imagine you need to serve divorce petitions to your spouse after a long and tumultuous marriage or you need to serve your once trusted financial manager for trust and they have gone underground; they have disappeared without a trace. You are in dire need of ensuring that the defendant appears in court so that you conclude the issue in the fastest possible time. What to do?

Well, do not fret! This is where a licensed private investigator comes in. A private investigator has access to a wide range of information and can use his or her research skills to track down the elusive target of service. They can do background checks, follow their credit activity as well as use phone records to find the target. They also have a wide network of people they work with and thus have a large amount of resources at their disposal. The serving of process also requires a third party to perform the process server service. This is to ensure that there will be no conflict of interest of malice when the legal documents are delivered. A private investigator comes in handy as he or she will not be accused of having an ulterior motive in the serving of papers and will do the service in a professional manner. You can also use the private investigator as a witness if the party to be served claims they were not served the papers or the papers were not served properly. This is because the investigator can produced the notarized affidavit as evidence of how, when, where and to whom the papers were served to.

A private investigator will also guarantee privacy especially if you do not want to air your dirty laundry in public. On top of that, the private investigator has an innate sense to detect potential danger when carrying out the process server service. This is because some people react in a negative manner when they are issued with summons or petitions. The private investigator will use his or her experience to diffuse any situation before it escalates into a more serious violent or embarrassing attack in the course serving the papers to an unwilling recipient. Process serving is a risky job and it requires an individual that has the street smarts, analytical as well as observational skills which a good private investigator has. Most private investigators have the ingenuity to come up with imaginative and efficient ways of serving legal documents to difficult and elusive targets. This is because private investigators are well trained in undercover work as well as surveillance so they can use their training to track down defendants who need to be served and have gone underground. Process serving is not for the faint hearted and using a private investigator will help up speed the process, ensure privacy, as well as use their skills and expertise in tracking down the person to be served. Use of a private investigator will be cost effective in the long run as it will save you the time, money and resources that would have been used in postponing the court hearings.


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