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Reasons to choose private detective instead of regular police.

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Reasons to choose private detective instead of regular police.

Reasons to choose private detective instead of regular police.

Nobody really wants to, but everybody has bad situations sometimes and will need some help to solve them. When you are facing a legal issue or you need some investigation, who do you think is going to be the best option to contact for it? A private detective or a regular police officer?
We think that the first is the best option for several reasons and with this article, we will try to analyze the main of those reason. After reading this, you can make your own decision and you will be more informed about which one is the best choice for the problem that you need to solve.
We really hope to be helpful for the most people we can and, if you find yourself in some interesting situation and want to share with us your experience, please don’t hesitate to post comments to the article, we will need your feedbacks.

Ok, but now let us start with the explanation of the main reasons to choose a private detective instead of a policeman.
First of all: because time matters! If you are in a bad situation, the only thing that you desire is to see it getting over in the shortest time possible and, trust me, no policeman can beat a private agent when time it comes to matter. I’m not meaning that policemen are lazy, unprepared or that they have a bad attitude while doing their job; But, it’s just fact, regular police has to deal with hundreds of cases together, they still have pending cases from the past and the have much more duties to accomplish than a private investigation agency.
A private agent will be dedicated only and exclusively to your case, no matter how long it takes to solve it, he will be dealing with one case at time, until he solves it.

The second reason, if we mean to put them in a rank for importance, it will be the technology: you know that regular police always deals with budget problems, that’s just fact. This is not just an administrative problem but also a political problem, This is not the place to make a political discourse but, still let me spend a couple of words to blame politicians and the govern, the poor policemen are really the hero of these years: they risk their lives to serve and protect community and other people just like me and you and what they get in return? A wage which is worse than how much it earns the last one in a governance organization, agency or political party. Is that fair? You judge. But the worse thing is the equipment: regular police officers may never compete with the technological level of a private detective.

In a private agency the budget is way better and also better administrated, so they actually invest it into development and improvement of the equipment.
After all those reason are you still undecided about who are you going to hire to make your job? Ok let me give you the ultimate reason: money.
I know exactly what is on your mind right now: “how can be a private detective less expensive than a policeman, if police is a public service and I don’t even have to pay for it?”
Actually, sorry for being rude, this is a silly question. Think about this just for one moment and you will agree with me: what are you hiring a detective for? Maybe you are on a trial and you need evidences to claim that you are right; so, how much does a good lawyer cost? Do you really want to waste all that money for a bad done job and maybe lose the trial? I don’t really think so.


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