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There are several quality and characteristics to become well known private detective. First of all a good detective must be patient. He should never give up his willingness. Sometimes he must be waiting for someone in same place for several hours even for several days due to his investigation. So, he should not be impatient. There are so many skillful operator in this service but maximum time they do so crucial error what impact great effect on their investigation. Because, there are lacks of such qualities, those must have a detective. Detective should have a power to solute puzzles. Because, it increases patience in one person what must needed for a detective. A detective should have a quality to interact with different types of people without hesitation. It is a great quality for a detective which helps him in various conditions in different places in different situation.
There is another great and most important quality for a good private detective. This is the quality analyzing a condition with both logical idea and creative idea. A good detective must know when he applies what kind of analyzing power for what situation. Most cases, detectives solve a condition by logically. But a good detective tries to imply his creative power to solve the matter when he was failed by logically. Now a day’s criminal are well organized & well prepared. They always try to imply new idea to do crime. So, a good detective must be creative. A good detective must have willingness to update with modern world. He must be studious. Sometimes, he must be doing so many paper works either in his office or in his library. When he investigates to check someone’s background or to find a lost thing than he must be needed this quality.
Another quality for a good private detective is to determine what kinds of clues are important & what kinds of clues are not important at all. There are so many clues find in a crime spot. Detective should have a quality what clue is important for his investigation & what clue is important to help him start the investigation. Some cases, it may be happened that there find no clue in crime spot at first sight. But, this is not matter to give up hope. He must be a quality to find clue from such kind of job. There is no crime without any clue. Some crimes can be solved with great observation. So observation power is one of the great assets for a good investigator.  A good detective must be well trained. He must have willing to improve his skill. A good detective likes challenge & he always determine to take challenge & to overcome it.
A good private detective must be honest. Honesty is the best policy. Detective can find confidential information of his client or any people during his investigation work. He can easily blackmail people. But it is not a good characteristic for a detective & it may be harmful for his career. A good detective must have knowledge about criminology. Crime pattern, crime reason, crime scene such things are related in criminology.  A good investigator must have knowledge about human nature & human relationship. An investigator should have some protection skill like zoo do, karate. He should need everyday exercise. A good detective must know fire arms handling. He should have knowledge to make arms instant by surrounding materials. It may help him in several awful conditions. A t last, a good detective must have power to make decision instant without any hesitation. It is one of the best quality for a good detective which is help him in every investigation.

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