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Qualitative attributes of Private Investigator Costs

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Qualitative attributes of Private Investigator Costs


As we know that a private investigator is a person who does detective or investigating work for anyone willing to purchase his services. These willing people may include a single person, an organization or agency etc. The private investigators are hired by these people for any of the following reasons. These reasons include detecting a criminal, to determine a scenario or situation of incidence or may be to investigate a suspicious mate. The people hiring them bear the Private Investigator costs for their services. The persons hiring the private investigators should not keep any information secret or unclear while explaining the situation so that the investigator can work properly with complete knowledge of situation to be investigated and proper and fair results can be achieved. They hire the investigators so that those investigators having proper knowledge and training can detect or investigate the targeted suspicious and unclear situation to a confirmed explained and clear event, situation or even about a person, business or agency. But without the proper knowledge of the circumstances it is not possible for an investigator to bring the desired results. So it is recommended to the people hiring the investigator to disclose even ordinary and of little importance information before the investigator, so that he can make the proper sense of the circumstances.
Now we come to the point of discussion which is the costs to hire the investigator for a detective work. There are many types of Private Investigator Costs. We can divide all these to two main categories, the Quantitative costs and Qualitative variables which are considered in costs. Quantitative Costs includes all monetary costs which are paid to the investigator in cash form in response of his services. But here, our main area of discussion will be the Qualitative variables or attributes associated to the Private Investigator Costs. These Qualitative attributes include the secrecy of sharing of personal information to the investigator, dependency on the conclusions drawn and information and results provided by the investigator, accuracy of results, reliability of the conclusion and information. But the question is that what these attributes play the role while calculating costs related to the private investigation? I explain the sharing of personal information to the personal investigator costs first. We know that nobody is willing to share his/her personal or even business secrets and information to others. But when one hires a private investigator, he/she has to do this. So he/she wants the secrecy of this information. Now if he/she considers that his information will be secure he/she ultimately will pay a good remuneration to the investigator.
The next thing is the accuracy and reliability of information and conclusions drawn by the investigator. When a person hires an investigator ultimately a high level of expectations regarding accuracy and reliability of information and conclusions drawn by the investigator is perceived by that person. This perception causes the shift of control of situation and decision making to the investigator which is once again an unlikely situation for the person hiring the investigator. Sometimes, an investigator is not a hard worker or tries to cheat the person who has hired him. In this way, the concluded results are not as per required by the situation or for what the investigator has been paid. Now, how can one believe that the received information is reliable and he/she must take his future actions according to this information?  So he/she has to trust the information provided and conclusions drawn by the investigator and if it is perceived by that person that the results and information will be accurate and reliable, he/she will pay higher remuneration to the investigator. These all are not monetary but qualitative attributes and can’t be calculated in terms of cash but they should be considered while deciding the Private Investigator Costs. The secrecy of personal information, level of accuracy and reliability of information provided by the investigator should be considered. If there is low secrecy level, low level of reliability and accuracy there would be smaller costs to be paid to the investigator.


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