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Private Investigators and Spying Equipments

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Private Investigators and Spying Equipments

Mr. John Seng had been in the spying equipments and surveillance technologies business for more than 20 years history. He kept most of his business very low profile as it involved in selling of sophisticated equipments, including electronic devices to international body and local market serving law enforcement agencies, military intelligence department, professional investigators and individual.

He's also a Speaker & Trainer on Industrial Counter Espionage (ICE) Technologies. He had carried out many highly technical espionage & counter surveillance operations over the years, including of Government Department, Financial Institutions and Multi- National Corporation.

His most famous clients who made International Headlines News “Nick Leeson” (The British Trader that brought down Barings Bank) & Focus Equity Sdn Bhd, a money printing plant that got into big money scandal.Some of his news reported in the media has attracted public attention.

Our equipments are all from United Kingdom, USA, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. We also customized our discreet Audio and HDD Video products for our individual client from outdoor, office to home used.

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