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Hi there! Are we ready for some investigation? It might be against an employer who deceived us or against our spouse who has not been keeping the marriage vows or even a rival in business who considers us a threat and plots hard against us to charge his way up the ladder of success. Well, there are many such incidents which lead the offended to seek the assistance of Private Investigators or the PI as they are better known. There are certain things that we better be aware of before deciding on which detective agency to go to and whom to look for.  Some of them are the awareness regarding the license of the agency, the insurance certificate of the agents, the Private Investigator’s Fee and the terms and conditions in the documentation process. While we speak of documentation, let us be clear as to how we can set up an agreement with the investigator we have chosen. The agreement can be made by sending an e-mail, or through an SMS to our mobile or we can even have a personal appointment with the investigator to fix up the documentation or the agreement.

There are various kinds of investigations that have to be undertaken and we cannot expect the same Private Investigator’s Fee for all kinds of investigations. The quality of the investigation is directly proportional to their commitment to excellence whether they are being watched or not. Now, more the degree of perfection and an enhanced result, the more would be the price to pay. The fee also depends on the location involved and the weaponry involved, depending on the gravity of the investigation. There are yet some factors that are not predictable by the investigator that might cost a few extra bucks. Some investigators also charge keeping the time frame under consideration. In such cases, we have to make sure the terms and conditions are mentioned without ambiguity and that we have a clear understanding of the documentation. There are some agencies that are recommended in some reliable websites and these agencies provide the client with a “no obligation consultation and quotation” which can be acquired after fixing an appointment with the investigator. Some Private Investigation agencies offer packages and any one that best suits our requirement can be selected. Before we do that, we must be sure that the terms and conditions are legitimate.

When we talk of the Private Investigator’s Fee, we should be prepared to pay 50% to 80% of the estimated cost involved in the investigation when we sign up the document. There is nothing wrong to ask details or get even the silliest of our doubts, as they might seem, clarified before we attest the agreement with the investigator. We have to be aware of the proceedings of the investigation and so have to stay in contact with the investigator throughout. In the case of our demanding schedule, the investigators might as well be asked to stay in contact either through mails or even a simple SMS to our mobile. Speaking of attesting an agreement time and again might raise the question of why we should set up an agreement at all. Everything is deceptive around us. Unless we learn to see apart the genuine from the imposters, we have scanty scope of succeeding. So here comes the vital role of the document or agreement with the investigator which would act as a protection against any illegitimate investigators we might run into. To protect everyone involved in the scheme of investigation, the document should contain a legal request for the investigation of the other person. In order to maintain the privacy of the investigation, which otherwise might lead to friction, the investigators have their own little ways to keep their name and the nature of business in the dark, when it comes to the details of transactions involved. Having known the details required, let us find out what is really cooking up against us.


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