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Private investigation, Singapore Needs

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Private investigation, Singapore Needs



Private investigation has gained the status of industry in many countries. Day by day it is getting momentum toward the greater prosperity. Similarly it is a profitable industry in Singapore as well. That is why for private investigation Singapore government has regularized it under Private Security Industry Act which became effective from 2009. The promulgation of this act reflects the need of regularizing private investigation industry. Because the development of this business as industry, marked it to be put under law as it relates to very sensitive practices that may certainly put any one in jeopardy. The act covers almost all areas for private investigation industry. This includes registration of the private investigators, code of conduct, guide lines for industry in different situations. Under this law private investigation industry is monitored through Singapore Police Force (SPF). Singapore police is responsible for taking care of private investigation industry at operational level. It is then regularized by the ministry of interior of Singapore. Most of the registration and grievance applications are carried through SPF website. You can get further detail about the regulation of the industry over the SPF website.  

In Singapore private investigation services are provided more commonly for pre-marital inquiries, matrimonial problems, general surveillance and business oriented inquiries. Pre marital inquiries provides more satisfaction to people making decisions about their marriages so people would like to know about the person, with whom they are going to spend their life, in advance. For married couples, private investigation industry is more invested in unveiling the infidelity of spouses. However, some spouse may use such investigations for keeping their marital life intact. Investigations services are also provided in divorce cases to probe into the situation for providing strong grounds and evidences to get divorced. Business oriented investigation may inquire for insurance claims, stolen assets inquiry, assisting in house legal counsel in certain investigatory matters. Private investigation may also provide help for checking validity of documents whether they are original or forged. All these instances show that there is a wider scope for private investigation in Singapore that people may need. If you are in need of hiring a private investigator you can check license of that person over the SPF website. You can also find very valuable information regarding private investigation on the police department’s official website.

There are more than 100 private investigation organizations that are approved by the government that are providing services in different disciplines of investigation in Singapore. An individual or an organization may get a license to practice after following a procedure. The requirement of this procedure requires the person applying to complete a training course. Upon award of this certificate an individual can apply for license thereafter with payment of certain fee. Before provision of license of practice SPF may require fitness certificates. There are persons who exempt from training and other requirements. These may belong to armed forces or other government security forces. .Younger people with the age of 16 or above can start the career of private investigation in Singapore. So if you have a spy within that want to explore then let be it. But remember, you have to fulfill all the legal requirements apart from ‘being of age’. There some other associations which are providing platform for private investigators for career development to keep them up to date with modern tactical and forensic advancements. Currently,   the Association of Professional Investigators and the Security Association Singapore are working for professional development of investigators and security providers.


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