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Private Investigation in Singapore

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Private Investigation in Singapore


Yesterday I logged on my Facebook account and saw the pictures that a friend uploaded when she and my former high school batch mates went to Singapore. As a young child, I have heard of Singapore since I have cousins who worked there, so to me it was more of a workplace than a place to travel. However, growing up that perspective changed. Seeing how Singapore became a famous place for tourists to visit over the past years made me looked at Singapore as a place to enjoy a vacation rather than to work. So after seeing the pictures I googled Singapore to check if how safe it was to be there, me dreaming to go there someday. I clicked links to links until I came across this link which offered private protection and private investigation in Singapore. Curiosity got me so I clicked, and clicked, and clicked and read what I could set my eyes onto about the topic. The teenage dream to be in Singapore seemed to have floated away at that moment; replaced by another teenage dream  which was to work  as an investigator in an economically hyped nation like Singapore-just like what I saw from the movies.
At the present, Singapore is considered to be one of the strongest economies in the world, despite its relatively small size. Unlike other highly population-dense nations, Singapore takes pride in having a low crime rate, the reason why I was surprised to find a lot of websites of agencies offering private investigation in Singapore. From browsing through one site to another, I was ever more surprised to find out that the agencies don’t simply limit their services to investigating crimes, background checks, and tracing of missing people but rather, they too provide private investigation for cases such as infidelity, checking of unreasonable behavior of spouse, partnership frauds,  asset assessment and or tracking, insurance background checks, surveillance, Intellectual property Rights (IPR), data forensics, trade secrets, competition monitoring for businesses, and many others. Wow, I said to myself at that very moment.  More than just stating the wide range of services they could offer, companies also boast about the advantage of having the most updated state of the art technologies that they use for investigation which include centralized GPS, Spy Cameras, and many others. Ofcourse, these companies also boasts the quality of personnel that they have to work for their clients-them being result oriented and honest.
I may have intended to get a different result from what I have searched for but nonetheless I had no regrets. Rather, I had this sense of appreciation towards Singapore and the way its people valued their safety. We must recognize the fact that just like in other nations, private investigation in Singapore is also a commodity. Lucky are the people there because somehow, looking at the financial statistics of Singapore, many, if not most of its citizens could afford the services of private investigators in case they needed them. If I were in Singapore, with the same financial security as its people, needing the same private investigation needs, I will never think twice of availing myself one. Besides, the private investigation sector there seems to be really promising. Not to mention the very recognizable reality that Singapore is competent when it comes to new technologies, that’s why it could also be implied that indeed, the agencies for private investigation there really do enjoy the availability of these advancements. At present, I still am holding on to that dream of spending a few days of my life in Singapore. But more than that, I too am considering that other childhood dream I mentioned.


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