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Private Investigation Fees and Strategies

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Private Investigation Fees and Strategies

There are many reasons people approach private investigators such as counter surveillance, account searching  and infidelity cases.  Common as they may be cheating spouse and infidelity issues only take up a small percentage of the jobs taken on by most large firms.  If we look at infidelity we know it can affect any couple at anytime and they would all have slightly different reasons.   Its often thought women are less likely to cheat but recent studies have confirmed that 50% of married women will cheat compared to  60% of married men.  Regardless of who is doing the cheating it is an act that can have drastic consequences of the lives and lifestyles of those involved if they are found out.   All cheaters can become quite imaginative when it comes to hiding their deception from their partners, which makes finding evidence difficult.  Getting a professional sounds like a great idea but not many people understand what the private investigation fees would include.  Most of the fees are charged at an hourly rate plus expenses.  I will give some specific  details of fees later but for now we’ll look at a few examples of private investigations and the activities involved an why you need the right agency.
Credibility plays a large part of how much the private investigation fees amount to.  The more credible the investigation agency the more they will charge.  The cost of hiring will usually reflect how good there are, but obviously there will be exceptions to this.  In legal cases like divorce and fraud you will want the best you can afford as sometimes the evidence could be questionable and they court may have to take the word of the private detective you hired. If your private detective is has a colourful history it could make things more difficult so it pays to do your homework.  When an investigation starts the base will usually comprise of background checks on those involved.  Most back ground checks will provide details of any  Criminal records, address history, marriage history, credit status and other information that is related to that person.  You may be an employer at a warehouse and you have noticed some anomalies with stock that may have been going on for some time and costing thousands of pounds.  You may think you know who it is but you can’t just prove it.  Now  a back ground check on the most likely employees may bring up some information but not the complete story.  A private investigator may need to devise a strategy proves without a doubt who it was. 
I will now go into some specific private investigation fees  and services that are offered.  Tracking of motor vehicles will require somebody to attach and remove a tracking device to and from the vehicle/s. The cost of tracking this cost about £500 per vehicle plus hourly charges.  Checking for hidden assets which may involve employing somebody to search through hundreds maybe thousands may cost around £2000. You have an investigation that requires an agent to conduct an investigation overseas, these fees can start around £50.00 plus expenses. General travel by car will be charged per mile plus hourly rates starting around £0.60 per mile and £40.00 per hour. We have all seem movies where stakeout take place well in real life apparently it’s not as exciting and the fewer cups of coffee the less toilet breaks are required. Surveillance can cost around £40.00 per hour plus expenses.  As time is money, a consultation with an agency to discuss the ins and out of the strategy can cost between £100.00-£200.00. Some companies may offer the chance to get some if not all of your money back if their investigations do not deliver what was agreed upon.  These cost of these services act only to be used as a guide for more specific details and prices you will need to discuss them with an professional private investigator agency.

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