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Let’s keep it in front, many people stay confused about appointing a private investigator to solve their suspicious problems is quite consternating. If someone decides to hire an investigator for the first time he/she thinks whether it will create a big problem or not. Private investigation business is quite a new business in this century. That’s why it’s talking time to catching attraction of people who are in need of an investigator. There are lot of questions circles in people’s mind. Some of them are what is private investigation? What are the benefits of private investigation? How much does a private investigation cost?

You may also think that, what is the probability to solve your problems just by an investigator? For most of the people it is a matter of worry. You may not want to give up your marriage so easily and your life also depends on it. But hiring an investigator will help you to release from the mental pressure. They are the experts. They select their profession to help others. So, you can trust the experts. Most importantly, Expert investigators are government approved. So share your stress with investigators will not create any problem and don’t think about private investigation cost. Your money is not bigger than your life.

The main fact is that appointing a private investigator will not be a matter of worry. An expert investigator can convince you by his work not by talking. And also the investigator should be able to describe the complete process of investigation in the best way you will understand and also he will also give you the idea of private investigation cost. So, the first thing you have to do before hiring an investigator is, you have to check the license of that individual person or if you hire someone from an investigation company you have to check the license of the company. License is given to a trusted company and it is verified. To keep the people safe government give license. If everything looks okay then fix an appointment with the investigator. If your mind still don’t catch that up then just pick up the phone and discuss with the investigator over phone. Explain everything and ask him if he can help you or not. If he is an expert probably he will find a solution to your problem.

So, here it is. The main question is how much does actually a private investigation cost?
Basically, the cost depends on how complicated your problem is and how much it will probably take to solve your problem. Generally, the amount varies in different occasion. But if you hire an investigator on hourly basis probably, the charge will be 80$ – 125 $ per hour. So it will be a better choice if you hire someone in contract basis. Some private investigation company offers less and discounts on equipment’s they will use. You have to give charge for the equipment also. So, make it clear to the investigator before you hire him that you will do just the identification process or the whole solving case should be done by the investigator. Normally GPS tracking charges are billed weekly and surveillance charge are billed regularly.  You have to also pay their travel cost. Probably, 0.67$-1.00$ per mile is basic rate of mileage cost. So the ultimate cost will be like 500$ – 1000$ if you hire an investigator in hourly basis. And contract based cost are roughly 3000$-5000$ varies in the nature of the case. But the amount is different in different countries. In western countries the amount is bit higher. But in Eastern countries it’s quite lower. We will talk about that in the second part of the series

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