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Private Detective Singapore in Facebook: An Investigator’s Goldmine.

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Private Detective Singapore in Facebook: An Investigator’s Goldmine.

Gone are the days when people used the old school cameras and taking the negatives to the dark room so as to print the photo from them. The photographs would then be put in a photo album and placed on the coffee table for all visitors to view. The communication channel of days of old has also dissipated as most people now Facebook chat and share personal information on Facebook with their circle of friends and acquaintances depending on their privacy settings. As a private detective, you will have to adapt your investigative techniques to the modern advancement and usage of information communication technology (ICT). Facebook is a goldmine of information for any private detective and there are many types of investigation that you as a private detective Singapore in Facebook can undertake while socializing and marketing yourself on Facebook. One way of using Facebook to aid in your investigation is for conducting a background check. You can do a search of the subject you are investigating on Facebook and look around his or her profile to see where he or she says she went to school, workplace, where he or she usually spends most of his or her time, close friends as well as his or her interests and activities. You can also befriend them or subscribe to their status updates so that you can track the information the subject disseminates to his or her Facebook network of friends and subscribers.

The information you will collect from the subject’s Facebook profile may not be one hundred percent true, but you will get a picture of who they are and what they are all about. You will need to verify the information collected from Facebook through other sources. In addition to background checks, you can use Facebook to collect information on a spouse suspected of cheating. Most people who cheat may not be friends with their significant other on Facebook or they may create another Facebook account for their clandestine activities. You can do email tracing and discover their alternate persona on Facebook. You then befriend them and go through their profile and see their activities and also go through the photos they have posted. You can find photos of holidays he tool with his or her lover, when they said they are off to a work engagement and make a follow up using surveillance and fieldwork so as to ascertain the authenticity of the photos and the extent of the affair. As a private detective Singapore in Facebook, you can use your arsenal of skills and private detective experience to get information from other sources from the basis of the information and photographs as well as videos posted on a suspect’s Facebook profile page.

Facebook may also help you do a skip trace or fraud investigations as well as hidden asset training by snooping around a subject’s Facebook profile (no matter how many they are and how careful they are to hide their identity, most people leave behind subtle clues about their identity). By snooping around the Facebook profiles of both the subject and his or her close family and acquaintances, you may discover one or two things about the subject. Most people love bragging about what they own, and as a private detective Singapore in Facebook, you can be sure of finding several pictures of a suspect’s property on their Facebook profile page. That motorcycle or pictures of a holiday to a certain sunny destination may provide clues of where a suspect has hidden some of his or her assets or has decided to disappear to. Most of us usually escape to a place of significance to us or hide things somewhere that we hold in high regard, and sub consciously leave some clues behind. A skilled private detective will be able to decipher those clues and find the hidden assets or the person who has skipped town and is in hiding. But be advised that though Facebook may provide a colliery of information that will help you in your detective work; you will need to have analytical and critical thinking skills as well as use logical thinking and other sources of investigative avenues to come up with an air tight evidence and information to be provided to the client.

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