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Private detective fees

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Private detective fees


The amount of private detective fees payable is determined by standard investigation charges.  The agency gives a rough estimation for the most common cases. Fixed quotes are based on circumstances regarding to a particular case. The investigator incurs expenses such as mileage, travel tickets, car parking charges and entry charges to places. These charges are not charged in the initial quotes as they vary between the different types of cases. Some of the services offered by the investigator include, tracking a target, bugging premises or surveillance.  Fee payable also depends on the investigators affiliation with the agency. Expert investigators are valuable assets to an agency. They are obviously paid well in order to maintain them at that particular agency. Other rival agencies may offer a better deal and this highly determines what increments the current agency is willing to make. This cost is passed on to the client. High rates can only mean that the agency is highly reputable. To some extent, this can be disadvantageous as some clients will opt for the cheaper agency or seek services from an independent investigator.

The gravity of the case and the time needed are the major factors that determine the cost charged to the client. The private detective fees also depend on the clients’ location. Cases that revolve around an urban area will be much easier to solve than those located in rural areas. In urban areas, the detective has easier mobility and access to resources. The level of risks involved, also determine the amount of fees demanded by the investigator. Some cases are very dangerous that the investigator is required to have a fire arm. Detectives must have a license for the gun. This only increases the cost to the client. An agency must have an insurance policy to cover their agents from perils. When an investigator charges higher than normal rates can only mean that he/she is excellent at their work. It also shows that they have great connections that enable them to work very efficiently. High rates can also mean that the detective is simply trying to swindle money from affluent clients. There are various payments methods. An investigator can be paid with a credit card via telephone.  They can receive PayPal payments via visa. PayPal charges a 3 % for every transaction conducted. There is also the option of wire transfer, courier delivery or through the standard mail delivery system.

For some private detective fees, a retainer is often required. A retainer is paid prior to commencement of investigation. This amount is paid to guarantee the detective that payment will be made. There is an option of involving a lawyer which excludes the need for paying the retainer. The lawyer guarantees the detective that payment will be made. If payment is not made, the client can be sued because it’s a breach of contract. Higher rates are charged when investigator is attached to an agency. Independent detectives charge lesser rates but lack network backing. With lesser networks, they face more limitations and this greatly affects their credibility to their work. Surveillance is usually charged according to the number of hours spent. When a target has a very private lifestyle, it becomes even harder to track them. A detective does not necessarily produce results. When a case lacks sufficient leads, it is archived and they are referred to as cold cases. Most fees are not refundable. For example, if a case is accomplished and cost much lesser than what was paid, the extra amount is not paid back to the client. Though, there are some agencies have policies that can allow a client to be refunded. It is up to the client to confirm this with the agency of interest prior to hiring an investigator.


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