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Private Detective and Lawyers

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Private Detective and Lawyers

People do not recognize until they realized it. Behind some success story being achieved by lawyers in court case, there are private investigators involved. Most often than not, the foundation upon which court cases stand is a crucial results had been established that exhibited in their comprehensive investigation report by the private investigators with vidoegraphic and photographic proof as we called it as “Direct Evidence”. Documentary evidence was also seen been attached in their report as an evidence.

Lawyers and private investigators have their own specialties. They work hand in hand and solved complexities and mysteries cases that being unfolded.

The lawyer’s role is to represent the petitioner or the responder in courts, preparing, filing, exchanging of affidavit, scrutinized the witnesses being presented by the other party.

The private investigators on the other hand are the ones doing the investigative background checks, surveillance, searching for witnesses, doing field interviews, verifying and gathering of information like cracking a nut shell collecting and preparing the evidence to be present in the court stand.

While they are working together, the lawyer and the private investigator however have some rules to follow. The manner of acquiring sensitive information must be done in a legal way that the document is admissible as evidence in court.

Furthermore, the manner of how information is gathered shows the professionalism of a professional private investigator that understands the chain of evidence, tactic of collecting and preserving the evidence.



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