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Hey there! All those inspired by James Bond, Sherlock Holmes and many ot6her such influential detective characters, think you would have dreamt of your career in the same field as that of your heroes. There might be many doubts regarding how to get there and what courses to pursue. Well, being part of a Private Detective Agency sure requires that spark to excel in the field and knowledge of the various processes and tricks of the trade. Surely the private investigation field of earning a livelihood is enthralling and exhilarating. Each state has its own regulations which are to be observed by the investigating agencies. Each state standardizes the private investigators’ license as well as the authorization of the private investigation agency. It is a violation of law if any private investigator or private investigation agency is involved in investigation without being licensed. They will have to pay civil penalty and also would have to face criminal filing against the person who had violated the law. In the case of you wanting to set up your own private detective agency, you have to fill the following requirements.

A Private Detective Agency must have a manager who is qualified with a minimum of three years of experience in the field of investigation. He has to pass a written examination and should be able to produce a proof of legal responsibility towards insurance. In case the person does not qualify as a manager at an investigation agency, he has to look out for an agency that would hire him and train him to be a successful private investigator. If a person has to get his license as a private investigator, then he should be eighteen years old or above and should not have any sort of criminal record held against him. If you do not meet the requirements of owning your agency, it is again required of you to find an agency that would train you as a private investigator. A qualifying manager must also possess a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or a Bachelor’s degree with an additional experience of six months in the field of investigation. If the person has an associated degree in Criminal Justice or any other investigation related course of study, he has to have twelve months of experience in the field of investigation. If not these, the aspirant should possess a specialized course of study related to investigation in the regular method, which has to have four years duration of study from a college or university certified and acknowledged by the state concerned. Again, this four years duration must cater two hundred direct contact classes that are expected to cover areas of study like ethics, PSB administrative rules, the PSA and relating orders of study.

A record of the educational qualification and the in-hand work experience ought to be submitted to the Bureau manager for approval. After this is done, the person is apt for qualifying for taking charge as the manager of a Private Detective Agency, not until he clears a manager’s examination with the Private Security Bureau and must provide with proof of liability insurance when asked for in the process. After qualifying as the manager or the proprietor of a private investigation agency, that person is eligible to hire other private investigators and must make sure that person meets the following requirements. The person should have any criminal record held against him, he must have qualified in the manager’s examination that is mandatory, he should not be convicted of any felony, class A or class B transgressions, should be physically and mentally sound, must not have been discharged from duties in the armed services of the country or should not have been court marshaled or he should not be a sex offender. So aspirants can give your best shot at these and achieve your dream of being one like your heroes in the field of investigation.


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