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Pre-marital services by SG Investigators

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Pre-marital services by SG Investigators


It is often said that Marriages are made in heaven, but nobody talks about the increasing rate of after marital affairs of the spouses and the increasing rate of divorces throughout the globe. Even after the couple have kids, still they don’t bother to take care of them and decide to separate from each other. No one thinks about the kids who have to suffer there whole life just because of their parents poor relation. This article will try to explore the marital cases in Singapore (SG) and the services provided by the SG Investigators in regard to  pre-marital investigations. There was a time when whole of the member sat together and solved the problem existing in the couple without taking the help of the outsiders. But now the time has changed and most of the family issues are discussed with outside members, relatives living abroad, friends , colleagues etc.
Sometimes the issues discussed with outside people yield good results, but most of the time outside members show least interest in the dispute of others and just make fun of them. This is the reason why most of people don’t prefer to discuss their family issues with the outsiders. The new method used to solve such problems is to properly analyse the nature of the couple before actually tying the knot of marriage. This is done hiring private detective before finalizing the marriage ceremony. Doing such type of investigation seems to be paranoid to the Western countries. However this practice is often justified in South Asian countries like Singapore. Its not because the people of Singapore are not honest towards there life partners but it is because they really dislike divorces and after marriage disputes. Hence especially for them SG Investigators are really important and most faithful people at all times.
The practice of pre-marital investigation does not sound good , but its being practiced in various countries. There was a person who gave add on the social media website that he wants to run a background check on her fiancée Nancy whom he was about to marry after few months. He was not sure whether Nancy was really faithful or just using him for money. One of the SG investigators replied to the add saying  that they can do the job witching 7 working days along with proper proofs and report. The report will also consist of audio as well video proofs, description of women’s leisure time, her friends , details of her employment, job title which she was doing, bank account details, her lifestyle, hobbies as well as likings and disliking’s. The add giver was highly convinced by the reply and he hired them immediately after seeing the reply.
After that he came to know that Nancy was ditching him for money. He took the decision not to marry her and was saved from a major life disaster. From this illustration we can understand that how much important role does SG investigators played in the pre-marital detection for the person. If he married Nancy without knowing the reality, she must have ditched him one or the other day. No matter that the person had to pay some amount to the investigators as the fee but actually that small amount saved his whole life from being spoiled. Who know that Nancy may have taken all the money of the person along with her or she may have killed him for sake of money. So indirectly the life of the person was also saved. This shows the importance of the private detective agencies in the day to day activities of normal man.


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