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We use only non wireless devices for cameras & voice recorders.

There are many type of equipments is the local and overseas market. Popularity will depend on the situation of each operation and the set capacity to be use. It does not mean A is better than B. To conceal them covertly is never an easy job for any investigator/s. Always leave it to the professional.

The most popular and current up to date handy discreet micro camcorder is our My2g Video PEAR Model CSi-8s also known as filmo babee is (FBI) Reborn for you to film/record of any activities and incident as an evidence anytime and anywhere with date and time stamp of one single shoot last up to 2 hour 20 min with a fully charged battery of a 8 GB Micro SD card that can be direct transfer all video file to any computer and some smart phone. The top grade FBI Reborn only take up about 3 second to activate and among all the range, and it is the best device that
come with HD recording.

The latest are those cheap inferior China made spying devices that are frequently be bought for abuses such as filming of ladies skirts going up escalators, etc. (Eg pen & watch).

The high grade ones are usually very costly & hardly being exposed to the public. For high sensitive operation like government, commercial investigation & surveillance, low grade equipment will not be use at all.

No investigation or security professional would like to compromise their results so they have to rely and count on very reliable ones. In our scope of work, it comes with risks or dangers especially overseas assignment and a one time job operation. We may not get a second chance to get the crucial evidence again.

Those too common item like thumb drive or computer mouse are not appropriate for serious intelligence gathering. It is so common nowadays & an ordinary person will just search their desk or table for them. It will be very embarrassing, if the Subject comes to know about it. Even the parents will find it uncomfortable, if their children find out they are being spied upon by their own parents. The trust will be broken.

Most of our equipments & devices are specially modified or customised for our Clients & for our own use. It's like a chamelon, changing all the time to blend into the environment and crowd. Good quality equipments are usually come from US, UK, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan & Israel.

All our devices are excellent for filming criminal activities at home, offices or public places.

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