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More On Infidelity Investigations

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More On Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity exists and seems to be more common in married partners than in single partners who are still courting. The married couples stay together most of the time and get used to each other’s characters and mode of operation. Before marriage, the couple is expected to have gone through courtship process where they are required to learn each other’s particular way of life. When single, one can decide to keep more than one lover, but on making a decision to get married, a choice is made amongst the many partners. After marriage, an individual may still keep in touch with the former companions resulting into cheating to the spouse. Maintaining a relationship with your ex-lover easily leads to infidelity. A person who at one time had many lovers and was able to date them without any conflicts can easily maintain a relationship outside marriage. If such kind of a person becomes the suspect for an infidelity investigation process, then tools of investigation used must be of good and highly convincing quality.

The behavioral changes which act as warning signs on the suspect may not come out openly in individuals who have had more than one commitment in a relationship. Such victims may ensure that they complete their communications while away from home. While out of the house, they become completely unavailable. You cannot reach them easily on phone. They will give excuses like sitting in meetings for a better part of office time. Or going in the field and leaving the phone behind. Such victims will on many occasions attend functions alone. Weather office or family functions, such victims prefer attending functions with other partners and not the spouse. This act soon becomes his habit and gives him more freedom of interaction as the colleagues or family members will get the notion that the suspect never attends functions with the spouse. Some bold victims will pretend to show concern on the where about of their spouses by making enquiries on their schedule. It may appear as a matter of concern but the suspect will use his or her partners schedule to arrange for a parallel activity within his or her infidelity programmed. To be able to run these two or more lifestyles, the victim will tend to have more money on hand without accountability. An individual has all the rights to use his or her hard earned money. An investigator cannot pin anyone down on having a lot of money on hand. The above mentioned behavioral acts may not give a proof to an investigator to lodge a case against a suspect.

Such circumstances are best dealt with using surveillance technique. An infidelity investigator may resort to the use of Electronic Eavesdropping detection method. The gadget can be fixed in the suspects’ car or office where all the conversations going on in these targeted places are recorded. The taped conversations can later be used to give quality and detailed evidence. These gadgets will give evidence on the voices of victims which ideally cannot be refuted when used as evidence. Other than the use of Electronic Eavesdropping detectors, an investigator can also employ the use of Computer forensic as an investigation tool. These investigation procedures clearly indicate that as the investigation process becomes challenging and complicated, the investigators must improve the skills they use to get information about the infidelity cases. To use these advanced methods in infidelity investigations, an investigator must have prior knowledge on operating the machines and be familiar with their operation technique. Besides learning how to do investigations, an investigator should have knowledge on how to handle the gadgets used in the process.

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