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Life as a private eye

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Life as a private eye

Anytime you come across a neatly dressed person in a three piece suit and expensive shoes, they may not always be the usual doctor, financial analyst or ordinary businessman. Such a person could also be a private eye. These are people entrusted with the job of following up individuals and reporting to their clients once enough evidence on the search topic has been gathered. Hassan,  a self employed private investigator who runs a small company staffed with two other investigators  has operated in the profession for more than 10years in Singapore. He opted for early retirement from the military after he discovered the potential of this business venture at the time. His experience in the field has equipped him with vital skills that come in handy for his career. Such expertise increases the level of confidence of his customers in him. However, his results since inception and customers’ satisfaction speak volumes about his proficiency.

According to experienced investigators, most tasks that a private eye is hired to do related to domestic issues in the family. For instance, many are the times a client has requested for an investigation of the marital faithfulness of their partner. This is often used in providing evidence to warrant a divorce. Some of the domestic cases a private investigator will handle include an in law who wishes to uncover the private habits of their future son or daughter in law. Often the professional’s job will be to ensure the client has concrete evidence to support the prospective marriage or break the bond. In other cases, parents might hire a private investigator to uncover the whereabouts of their teenage children especially when not within their reach. At other times his company may be requested to investigate the financial commitments of a particular company or prospective employees. These are meant to ensure the client is not making a mistake in signing a particular deal or hiring a certain employee.

Owing to the demands of the job, private eyes do not have the ordinary eight to four working hours. They are often compelled to work for more than the usual working hours. A task could entail following a person for an entire week for the entire 24hours. The assignment is often complicated by the office hours of the person under investigation.  A private investigator has to keep his eyes open to ensure for the entire period to ensure the person does to leave the office and they fail to track their whereabouts. In order to succeed in such cases, it is a wise strategy to work in pairs. These will ensure that when one partner is away, the other is on the lookout and taking note as may be required.

Besides the necessary school training that often imparts invaluable kills to a private eye, there are various gadgets that are useful for the job. These may include technologically advanced cameras, video recorders, a car or a range of dressing items. For instance, pursuing a person under investigation in particular hangout joints could often demand an unusual dress code that will ensure one does not look suspicious.  The more technologically advanced the private investigation company is greater the advantage in gathering reliable information for the client. Though the job may seem demanding at times, private investigators also benefit a lot from the experiences they witness in the field. There are valuable life lesson that help keep their private lives in balance. Moreover, being in a position to assist a client and ensuring they benefit from the information they provide does not only give them the monetary satisfaction but also the amazing feeling of having fulfilled a social role. It is no surprise their numbers are growing alarmingly.

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