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Know the Scheme of SG Private Detectives

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Know the Scheme of SG Private Detectives

Singapore is a city-state which is known for having a clean, transparent, and efficient government. It is also a strict implementer of its local law that even SG private detectives have to comply with the standards of the government like securing a license first or else they will be barred from practicing their profession altogether. Evidently, detectives have become essential in solving cases, particularly civil cases, by providing excellent investigation services. However, there are certain matters that, even for a very noble purpose, a private detective cannot do because it is prohibited by law. Detectives, unlike police officers, are not allowed to arrest a person or conduct searches and seizures, except only when there is a validly issued arrest or search warrant. Remember they are still private individuals bound to abide by the rules governing private individuals, and not those of the police officers. They also cannot wiretap, bug, hack, or do other similar acts which are manifest violations of the law. Singaporean government has a strong aversion for and does not tolerate illegal acts.

Maintaining efficacy in their field of expertise, private investigation agencies generally follow a certain system or scheme in their operations or how they conduct the investigation process. Although this is not mandated by law, it has become a standard operating procedure adopted by most SG private detectives. By common practice, it has been solidified into an effective method to allow detectives to accomplish their job with positive results. It has become a tool enabling them to deliver quality services to their clientele, the citizens of Singapore who seek help from them. This scheme may include background investigation, research, surveillance, use of informants, conduct of interviews, gathering evidences whether oral, real, documentary, or opinion evidence, to name a few.

Before the actual action, there should be a thorough research on the identities, whereabouts, and other circumstances of the person or group of persons being investigated. The SG private detectives either search the available information on the web, or other records that they can access. Sometimes, there are sources which are accessible by private agents but not by the public. Then, if necessary for the case, they will conduct surveillance. They will record every movement of the person and follow him on his routine. They even take photographs to serve as evidence. If these are still insufficient, they will use informants to feed them with juicy details about the person or the subject being investigated upon. Then, to verify factual circumstances, or to get a better picture of the situation, they will conduct interviews to other persons who might give a detailed description about the person. This systematic and elaborate plan of action is carried out differently, depending upon the case being handled. If for instance, the client only wants a background investigation, surveillance may be dispensed with. Most of the time, gathering of evidence is always present. The pieces of evidence in whatever nature are the client’s key to a successful case, if it is eventually filed in court later on. Evidence is the means by which any alleged matter of fact whose truth is investigated at judicial trial is established or disproved. This started with the client’s assumption, then with supporting evidence, that assumption will become hard facts which may convict the party being suspected. The scope of an investigator’s function, however, is not limited by the abovementioned examples. The scheme presented here may be true and applicable to some detective agencies and may also not be entirely applicable to others. Generally, though, this is how our private investigators work, in a manner that is systematic, intelligent, confidential, and accurate.

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