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Infidelity Investigation

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Infidelity Investigation

Infidelity is a devastating situation in any relationship. It causes mistrust between any two people with special affection. It results into breakage of engagements and marriages. Before one is accused of infidelity, the accusing partner should have enough evidence to put his or her claims right. Recent studies indicate that about 70 percent of married women are ignorant on the status their husbands infidelity. The percentage of married men is slightly lower at a value of about 54. As much as the partners’ infidelity status may not matter, a good number of the married partners cheat on each other. Results from similar studies show that 50 percent of men and 40 percent of women cheat on their partners.

When one decides to cheat on a partner, there are habits that change. Such changes act as signs of infidelity. Some of the changes in ones character that will give a warning of infidelity may include; -Method of answering phone calls and/or making phone calls. When your partner no longer answers calls in your presence. He or she may walk out of the room or go to the bathroom to make phone calls or receive phone calls. -When one shows a drastic change in personal appearance. To impress the new partner, one changes his or her way of dressing. He or she becomes conscious of his or her looks and personal hygiene. One may start using perfumes or cologne which was earlier never used.

-Schedules of working hours may seem to change. One may start coming late from work or leaving the house earlier than usual to report to work. –Change in intimacy either in the positive direction or the negative way. To disguise ones actions, some people may show increased affection or intimacy to their partners. Others who may not know how to hide their feelings will show increased negative affection. Complaints on issues which are never a problem are a sign of misplaced appreciation. There are situations where comparisons are made unconsciously. – Change in bathing habits is an indication of over indulgence elsewhere. Smart people may take a bath elsewhere before coming back home. If such a person was initially taking a bath upon arriving at home, this habit may change or vice versa.

If a partner shows some of the habits mentioned, then there is need for one to start investigations to confirm the suspicion. The process of carrying out investigations is very sensitive and should be highly confidential. The signs seen should not be treated as confirmations. The suspecting partner should ensure that as investigations go on, the suspect is kept in darkness. The process of investigation need some level of confidentiality. One may choose to work with a private investigator whose confidentiality is well known. A careless investigator might leak the information to the suspect leading to wrong results or worsening the relationship between the two involved in the case.

Once you have settled on a private investigator, the investigations then begin. Investigation may entail using evidence like a video coverage of the suspect giving some of his or her movements. The video coverage will also show the other partner and give detailed actions of the two. An investigator can also make use of Surveillance technique. The suspect’s movements can be followed to give facts instead of relying on hearsay or suspicion. A private investigator can also employ use of his intelligence technique to monitor phone calls made by the suspect. The investigator will use technology to access short messages received or sent from the suspect’s phone. While doing these investigations, a private investigator should ensure that any information he gets is treated confidentially.

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