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I Should Hire Singapore Investigators for My Haunted House

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I Should Hire Singapore Investigators for My Haunted House

My house had been haunted for many years now.  I heard so many unexplainable noises when I am alone.  I see plenty of horrible things anywhere, and much worse, they are threatening me.  Their evil energy was so strong that they were able to manipulate objects in the physical world.  I was really haunted by them and didn’t know what to do.  I was alone in the house most of the time and they tend to appear only in those times.  My friend could even feel the darkness of the house every time she visits me.  Good thing we were able to think about paranormal investigators.  She said they are investigators dealing with the unexplainable and things beyond reason and belief.  So we tried searching on the internet and lucky for us to have found one here in Singapore.  They are Singapore Investigators on paranormal aspects.  And upon contacting them, they immediately responded and came to my house as soon as they heard about it.
I had a lot of experience with the paranormal.  I used to see ghostly men standing by the window, by the furniture, in my bedroom and everywhere else in the house.  I can feel their presence, and if everything seemed quiet and peaceful, I knew they were not around.  They haunt me even when I go to bed by rocking or shaking the bed furiously or any other things inside the room.  And I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night feeling cold because they had pulled the blanket off of me and put it somewhere else.  As I wake up in the morning and still drowsy from sleep, the first thing I would see are their creepy faces hanging over my face and I would just shout my heart out.  They also scared me by moving things in the house, like for example the utensils in the kitchen when I eat.  They would move my glass, spoon, fork and even my plate away from me.  And as I took a bath, I felt that someone is watching over me.  My friend was worried about me and thought this had gone from bad to worse and should be dealt with before something bad happens to me.  They were really dangerous since their energy was strong enough that they can move physical objects.  Good thing the Singapore Investigators were here.
The Singapore Investigators started their work by studying the history of the house, which I bought from someone at a very low price.  They will need the information to know if there really was something bad occurred in this house, and how to deal with the spirits.  They will somehow know what the ghosts wanted to be at peace.  While some of the investigators focused on research, some focused on locating the place the ghosts used to stay to try if they can find evidence of their existence.  This is also necessary to know if the ghosts might have had intimate connection of the house and what they loved to do.  They were able to figure out how many ghosts were lurking at my place.  There were 6 of them.  The research team was able to uncover that a horrifying incident did happen in that house.  Six men killed themselves.  They used to be the bad elements of the society, threatening and robbing people for prohibited drugs.  And the investigators decided to try acknowledging their presence which the ghosts never felt when they were still alive.  And it worked.  As the ritual was ending, there was a sudden change in the atmosphere of the house.  The gloomy and dark aura changed to warm and bright.  There was peace suddenly all around the house and I knew they were not around anymore and that they had already left.  I guess that was exactly what they wanted, to be acknowledged in this world.

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