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Human Trafficking-Private Investigate Report

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Human Trafficking-Private Investigate Report


Freedom is the basic fundamental right of every human being. God has sent every human being on this earth with equal rights, but there also exists various anti-social elements in this society who wants to make and treat other people as slaves. The scope of this proposed article is based upon the report by private investigate  on reasons and the some of the preventive measures of human trafficking. In human trafficking, a person is forced and entangled tricky to work against his/her will. Human trafficking is also known as modern day slavery. There are various categories of human trafficking, one is enforced labor- when a person is hired to work at very very low wages and the work is also compulsory. Second is forced prostitution and pornography in which women are indulged. In addition to this, child prostitution and making them to beg at road sides and traffic lights are also part of human trafficking.
A private investigate  report tried to figure out the various reasons of human trafficking. The various victims of  trafficking comes from different economical status. There are some most important factors which make them more vulnerable towards becoming a victim of human trafficking. First and the foremost reason is women and children coming from society which is below the poverty line. They are entrapped by different agents giving misleading promises of providing a better life. They show unrealistic and hallucinated pictures of life with lot of money. By hiring them, they are exported to other states, countries etc. This is very much popular in the slum areas of south East Asia from where mostly women are exported to indulge in the profession of prostitution. Report also suggest that children are kidnapped, some are made deaf, dumb and blind so that they can indulged in the profession of begging and child trafficking.
The report from the a private investigate agency also figured out that lack of awareness and education in the weaker and the poorer section of the society can also make them more vulnerable to become a victim of this profession. In addition to this, if people or children who ran away from home or children who have brought up in an abusive home can be entangled in this profession. Furthermore, internet and the social media websites can increase this trafficking as communication is increased and the trafficker’s network also increases with this. If we see the other side of the coin , same social networking websites can also be used to stop such practices by spreading knowledge about the matter to the network of people. Tackling this problem is still a big challenge for the government agencies especially the police. There are several stories which get published in the newspaper but still very few show interest in these types of news.
Media has a very special role to play in raising the concerns over this heinous act of human trafficking . As told in the report of a private investigate agency, people have more impact on themselves about what is shown to them on televisions. Hence one thing is very much clear that audio visuals must be created in order to spread awareness amongst the young generations and the youth of the nation. Such type of problem is very much common in the south Asian countries , therefore the role of UNO also becomes very crucial in tackling  this problem. If UNO increases the strictness over its member countries then this problem can definitely be curbed as soon as possible. Developed countries like USA, Canada, England, Germany , Russia, France etc must come forward to join hands and solve this problem rather than planning for the third world war in the future.


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