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How to be an SG Private Investigator

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How to be an SG Private Investigator


  Having been aware of what it is like to be Sherlock Holmes or those other detective stories is not an enough inspiration on how successful you would be if you would take the career path in private investigation. In most countries, it takes constant training and license that would back you up to be able to help you to be successful, just like in being an SG private investigator. Singapore, one of the developed Asian countries, though has a small land area needs a lot of private investigators to handle their respective cases from different specializations like personal (most programs for these type of investigation concentrate on trying to catch the infidelity of a spouse that has been trying to hide information on you regarding his love affair and you had cast certain doubts on him) to corporate affairs where companies include private investigators as people who can check on the pre-employment background of their perspective employees as well as be unbiased in providing their honest opinion on how the current employees work for their company by being a part of their team without the current employees noticing it. It is important for employers to note how their employees perform if they are not there because they are representing the full image of their company.

              To be able to work as an SG Private Investigator, the process would be you must apply for a license with the Singapore Police Force, it requires that it should have passed the training requirements or the WSQ module and submit the certificate of attainment to the licensing committee. If they are ex-uniformed personnel, they could seek training exemption by filing a certificate of service which contains their name and other details like the NRIC number. There are also different rules if you had obtained the license after September 1, 2010, for example, the training requirement would change as you would be given 3 months to complete the WSQ training. Aside from these conditions, the licensee must be the following: above 16 years of age, must be certified fit by a doctor to be able to work as a private investigator and must be medically certified annually if they are working above the age of 60 years old and must be able to provide a medical certificate to the PLRD or Police Licensing Regulatory Department. They must also be able to work throughout the coverage of their license which stands up to 5 years upon successfully approved.

              Aside from those requirements stated therein, an SG private investigator must not solicit for any business that they are doing related to private investigation. They must also separately register their technical surveillance equipment to proper authorities before using them for work. Attached with these requirements, licensed private investigators must be able to maintain their best behavior whenever they are bound by their duties as a private investigator even if their patience is tested on the different options they are bound to meet. Private Investigators are bound to meet clients who are bossy, uncooperative and would change minds every now and then but it is believed to be a part of their job to sacrifice to get the better out of their clients. For most of these individuals, work is not just an 8-5 desk job where they have to accomplish it and they can go, investigators are likewise to be different,  their job entails a certain degree of sacrifice and responsibility to be able to work full time as an investigator If you feel that you have what it takes, then apply for a license and be a private investigator to provide service to others.


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