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How to be an SG Private Detective

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How to be an SG Private Detective

Are you a fan of Nancy Drew and other mystery stories back when you were a child and you would like to play that role when you have a career in the future? Well, your path is off to be an SG Private Detective. A private detective is any male or female trained individual aware with the laws and policies to fully execute them to maintain peace and order in the city. However, it is not a piece of cake to get a job as a private detective; there are series of lectures, tests and trainings that one must attend to in order to be recognized as a detective. For a prominent recognition, there are some licenses which a prospective detective can apply to be able to work in a bigger company. Once you have the license, there would be a lot of detective agencies ready to take you in, what is important now is you do the searching and think of what would work wonders for you, whether you do your job as a one-man agency or get affiliated with an agency, it doesn’t matter as long as you do well as a private detective.
Here are some detailed training requirements to the road of becoming an SG Private detective. If you are new, you have to get a “Singpass” which cost around $16.  For private investigators, you have to wait for 14 days for your application to have an outcome. Prior to deployment, all approved private investigators are required to pass a module (WSQ training) and must perform investigation activities in accordance with the laws.  If they do not pass the module, even if they are deployed, they would never be recognized by the government. If they passed the module and perform investigation, they could apply for an exemption for a mandatory training module that is deemed necessary for the application of a private investigation license that of course would be upon discretion of the licensing officer. For those who had investigative experience or are graduates of the Basic to Specialist Investigation courses on a certain time frame, it is possible for them to get exempted in a learning module. For those ex-uniformed personnel with experience in service, they could submit a certification that they have investigative experience which would contain their name, NRIC, length of experience in investigation and performance in service. Once licensed, a private detective must perform his duties and responsibilities to the fullest extent he is capable of for his client.
Whenever you hear a successful applicant and a licensed private investigator, you would probably say that he had valued his work and his job well – one doesn’t easily become an SG private detective, the job must be given 100% commitment, it is never a one night job. It must be executed with honesty, fairness, intelligence and justice. Honesty in the sense that you are truly committed for the job despite the dangers and troubles you might face. Fairness at the point that you would not consider any VIP and you would work to what is right. Intelligence in making prompt and wise decisions and Justice as one’s principle and guidance towards work. A private investigator should love his job and not do anything to tamper it. He must not be involved in crimes for a court proceeding would revoke his license and might ban him from practicing private investigation. So do think of a private investigator job as something that should be taken of heart. If you are ready to become one, do not hesitate to look for the one nearest you. 

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