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How Singapore private investigator works.

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How Singapore private investigator works.

When you think about private detectives you can’t help your mind about evoking romantic and literary images such as, for example, someone in a raincoat, with the face almost covered by his hat, sitting on a bench in a public park, pretending to read from his journal but actually tailing the secret target; who, unsuspecting of anything, is sitting on the bench in front of his, kissing his/her secret lover and cheating on the partner. 
This kind of fascinating “old school” activities are today just some of the many different strategies that the detectives perform in their daily job. of course,Singapore private investigator does not make any exception to that: he actually deals with tailings and physical surveillance, using any kind of coverage and camouflage to accomplish his duty and meet the needing of the client. 
In order to get the most evidence he can, the detective will take every kind of advantage possible from the most advanced modern technology. Detectives haven’t forgotten the classical tools, such as photographic and video cameras; but today these devices are available in unimaginable small sizes that allow the detective to catch the requested information without being spotted by anyone. 
Furthermore, the latest development of the technology leaded to a revolution in the way the private investigator performs his tailings: the new revolutionary toy that came in his hand is named GPS. 
This technology, even existing since several years, was limited in his applications by two problematic facts: the first of these disadvantages was the expensive cost of the devices, that prevented many people from buying and using it.  
On the other hand, also the size of the devices themselves was constituting a problem: back in the days was not so easy to hide a GPS transmitter antenna anywhere and, much more, it was nearly impossible to do this in the clothes or the accessories of the secret target. 
Today these things are no longer possible only in the spy fiction stories or in the Secret Agent 007 movies; nanotechnology finally affected also these kind of tools, opening a huge landscape of possibilities in front of the private detective; now it’s only on his creativity and intelligence to choose the best way to use the GPS technology to accomplish his task. 
This technology has become essential, for example, in one of the most popular and also challenging task that a Singapore private investigator can be assigned to: the suspect of cheating partner. 
In any case, even such a big revolutionary technological improvement as we saw the GPS development was, goes in a secondary level of importance if we put it in comparison with the importance of the undisputed king of the technology of our time: internet, the networks  and all the computer and information technology available at the present time. 
Since their birth and mass development, the internet and all the information technology, changed our whole life in so many different ways that sometimes we cannot even realize. 
Right now it’s absolutely impossible to imagine that the job of a Singapore private investigator could leave aside the opportunities of collecting key importance information that he has now, thanking to these technology. 
In practice, the first thing that a private detective will do, in order to get the needed information, will be to put under secret and discrete control all the computers, the e-mail address, the social network’s accounts etc… of all the persons involved in the case that the costumer is trying to solve. 
Using special software, the experienced detective, can recover even the deleted data from anyone’s computer; that means unlimited access to all the potentially compromising information that the secret target is trying to hide.

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