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How Similar to Sherlock Holmes is an SG Private Detective

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How Similar to Sherlock Holmes is an SG Private Detective

 Mostly it is imagined that detectives are a replica of Sherlock Holmes or James Bond or someone just as “cool”. But have you ever pondered upon the life of a real-life detective? The image that comes to mind when thinking about an SG private detective is usually of a glamorous person with an equally glitzy life- a person who is naturally gifted with extraordinary brainpower and intellect, ingenious problem solving skills, all combined with super powers like mind-reading abilities, seeing through brick walls, sensing the unseen, correctly guessing the untold! Let me tell you that it’s all just a fantasy; a figment of imagination; thoughts gone wandering to wonderland. In actuality, modern detectives are not real-life replicas of Robert Downey Junior or Matt Damons dressed up in fancy jackets and equipped with ultramodern thingamajigs and magnifying glasses. They are just like us normal people, wandering here and there with heaps of secrets hidden up their sleeves and a keen observation that can detect any funny thing going on. Sherlock Holmes was a lot smarter though -in a lot of ways. Also, he usually worked solo while most modern day detectives work as a team. Sherlock Holmes could be described as a nonchalant individual with an exceptional I.Q –no violence. Modern detectives usually also make use of artificial intelligence and may need some muscle power.
Looking at it from a private detective’s own perspective, one of them feels like people probably think of the detectives as intruding annoying sneaks who spy on them with hidden voice recorders, cameras and tracking devices, poking their nose in everything relevant or irrelevant. However the detective feels that this is a misconception and maintains correctly that the sole and real purpose of a detective is to reduce the sufferings and distresses of other people. They exist because of the unfairness in the world; to show others what is right from wrong and to fight for truth and justice. An SG private detective does not intend to make you bankrupt and does not flaunt of a grand office or branded dresses bought off the hefty sums he supposedly gets from you. You would see that these detectives actually spend the money in becoming more equipped with instruments and tools, buying more specialized labs and so being able to further improve their services for future clients that could be you yourself too. Every investment by a detective in his work setup can help to make his future endeavors more cost-effective.
Sherlock Holmes was a super-genius- in real life though, a whole team of detectives needs to work together to solve a crime. Things are not as dramatic as what is portrayed in fiction either, they can detect fine details like differences between paint smudge and blood and much more than that but things are not as intense-it takes a lot of time and hard work. An SG private detective, despite all his limitations, still does his work with a profound interest and motivation that helps him get through a case successfully. Although modern detectives may not possess the super intelligence of the fictional Sherlock Holmes who somehow knew just what to do at what time, they still are a cut above the regular people. Real detectives can’t do all the things well either. Some could be expert interviewers, some could be good at calculations and graphs, and some could find put their fingers on evidence in a crime scene that everyone else overlooked. So they are people who are more sharp-eyed than the rest of the people; they are people who see things in a different way. They are certainly gifted individuals- I have heard of one who was a natural lie detector! He could tell if you even lied about the flavor of the candy you are chewing. Hence it is apparent that real detectives are people who have natural or developed outstanding talents.

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