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How private investigators in Singapore go through an undercover investigation?

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How private investigators in Singapore go through an undercover investigation?


            We know that private investigators perform the job of investigating activities for which people hire them. They work for people not primarily for government. People hire them for different reasons but here, in this article our emphasis will be how private investigators in Singapore go through an undercover investigation? First of all, we learn what is an undercover investigation? Undercover investigation is something like investigating secretly of some activity, event, situation, business or person to get some material, solid and acceptable proof of the thing investigation is being done about, which can’t be denied and rejected and can be presented in the court for some decision. Now here, one question arises that in which situations there is a need to perform the undercover investigations? There may be different reasons for selecting undercover investigation, some of which we are going to mention here. When a person finds his spouse, a cheating spouse or want to know if he/she is a cheating spouse, it would be a situation demanding for undercover investigation. Similarly if there is an insurance company wanted to investigate his client’s loss in an accident for a material insurance claim. A man wanted to search for a criminal in cases like murder etc. An organization wanted to search for the man who committed a big enough fraudulent activity in the organization. These and there may be some other situations in which a person thinks to hire an investigator for undercover investigation.
           Now, we come to the point that how private investigators in Singapore go through undercover investigation in these different situations. We first talk about investigating a cheating spouse. They use different methods, tools, equipment and techniques to get evidences. For example they use spy phones which would be used by the suspicious spouse to check the text messages and calls of that one. They record these messages and calls as evidence. Similarly, they can bug the telephone lines used by the suspicious spouse and record the calls. They can use secret spy cameras to get the photographic and undeniable evidences. In our example of Insurance company claim, there may also be different techniques to get the proofs. They can use the technique of interviewing and surveillance getting information by different people. They can use informers to get information. They can trace the record of the assets of the client to estimate the loss of that client. Similarly there may be some other spy techniques which can be used to find the solid and material information. Private investigators in Singapore are trained and have professional excellence, so they have access to different types of records of public and private sectors. They as being professionals are closer to police and other government security agencies so are more likely to access the information which a public citizen can’t have. In this way they get the required information regarding a specific case.


            The private investigators in Singapore show there excellence of field in up to some extent a difficult case as a murder in such a way that they go to the location where this action was committed. They carry with them the tools which can help them at that place. Common things used at such a place are brush, powder for fingerprinting, things to place the blood samples, different types of chemicals can also be used there. They take pictures of the scene. They collect the bullets if there. They may estimate the height, degree from which a bullet can be fired from the position of the body. They can also estimate the time of death by the body temperature at the spot. They will collect any other thing they think would help them in investigating. They will collect the information from the people witnessing the incident. They will try to find the cause of death. The will find injuries to the body, whether there are any signs of defense by the killed one etc. Now, they will try their best to search for the killer by the evidences and the information they found. They will help the police to find the solid proofs of the cause of murder and by their professional spy techniques they will try to find the killer. In fact, they are helping people with their skills and professional behavior a lot in their personal as well as social lives.


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