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How Private Investigator’s Work with their Gadgets

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How Private Investigator’s Work with their Gadgets

How private investigators work is really a big secret. Today, we are going to share with you partly how we work?


Private investigators are normally associated with analog camera in the early days. However, private investigator practice has almost changed drastically.


Nowadays, private investigators never conduct their business without the aid of certain technological tools such as Internet searches and re-searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tagged, Hi5 and so on. Powerful digital zoom cameras and other surveillance systems, including big capacity motor vehicle and motorcycle will be involved in certain investigation operation.


However, certain items have also emerged that are very helpful for private investigators. Here are the few key essentials for private investigators tools.


There are much type of audio voice analysis and modification equipments that offer voice stress analysis, voice changing and others. There is also sound amplification equipments used for eavesdropping on people from a certain distance. Audio recorders, digital recorders and such also fall in this category.


The most common video equipments are the powerful digital zoom cameras and hidden pin-hole cameras. It can be a wired or wireless. The wireless type cannot be used by the private investigator in Singapore as they are not approval by our local government. There are also quite a few equipment which are used to spa on computers.


This included software’s which record internet surfing activities such as key logging and e- blasted. Do check with your local government before your do it. You can be charged under the Computer Act in Singapore, if you do it without the person consent and is a very grey area under the Law. Don’t take the risk.


Tracking devices like GPS and electronic bug detectors usually come in handy for private investigators. They help detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including room, phone, body bugs, microphones, video transmitters, and tape recorders. For bug detectors, we named it as “TSCM”- Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. Investigation firm in Singapore have to register their electronic devices with their private investigation licensing department of SIRD under The Singapore Police Force. Upon their approval, then they can start to practice on it.


Tracking devices such as GPS often use by certain Private investigator/s in Singapore to track vehicles of their Subject’s location. It is against the Law in Singapore to plant a GPS in the vehicle without the consent of the vehicle’s owner. 


A good Private Investigator will not only relay on a GPS where only tell you the location of the vehicle rather then taking direct video evidence to prove what the person you are investigating is doing.


A cheap RF detector can only detect certain bug, and a GPS is operating under the Satellite worked in between the 3 Satellite’s Tower. Don’t be fool by anyone using a RF detector to scan on your vehicle looking for a GPS tracking device.


SK Investigators will only strictly work within the boundary of Law in any part of the Countries.


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