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How is Singapore investigation dealt?

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How is Singapore investigation dealt?

Investigation is the process of systematically inquiring into a problem or issue to unearth a solution. It is undertaken by professionals who have the power to the law of the land. The investigatory services by the police force are commonly seen in every country. They control the law in the state. The jurisprudence has given the authority of investigation to the police force. Private investigation is an upcoming trend in the country. It is a systematic and controlled process where the culprits and criminals are questioned.  The questions are standardized and customized according to the legal proceeding. Singapore investigation  processes are standardized as per the defence policy of a certain state. Investigations are taken place when there is a problem within two parties. It can involve more parties too. The solution to the problem is investigated. Earlier times the law of the land was dealt by the head of the group. The investigation is executed by the ministers. This led to group of people who handled the law and control in the state. Police force, lawyers, court are people who contributed and gave an effect on the law. The people conformed to the policies of the law and control. This brought a massive change in the country. There was peace and integrity between the people. Hence the public and private investigation companies made a drastic change in the lives of the people.
Private investigation companies formed along with the public law control mechanism. They have exclusive clients and targets to achieve. The investigation was held according to the limits from the public law and control. In spite of the public law and control, there were no hindrances for the existence of the private investigation companies. They had form a secondary assurance to clients in finding information on certain circumstances and people. Standard Singapore investigation  process is pre planned before the interrogation. Planning the investigation is major step in the process. The time bound investigation brings a positive effect on the case. There are conditions when the unplanned investigation can go out of hand in a time. Hence the investigators should plan the cases in a systematic and well governed manner. They can come across faults in the investigation. It can be time consuming and giving a negative impression on the clients. The investigation process should be twisted in a way that the clients do not lose hope in the investigators.
Singapore investigation by the police department differs from the investigation by the private investigation company. Police force has more priority in attaining data and facts than the private investigators. Sometimes the police give away the work of interrogation to the investigators. In here they have a greater role. Role of a private investigation company should be defined to the common man to understand the pros and cons of the private parties. The private investigators are used for the collection of information. Their role ends in interrogation. The police handle the case from there on. Usually private investigation is used for finding infidelity in a marriage relationship. One of the spouses asks a private investigator to get information on their spouse’s information, travel, other to and fro movements. Here there is confidentiality in the case and the investigators transfer the information to the client. Thus the private investigation facilitates in family cases, banks and investment companies. There are investigators who are trained to work for these investigation companies. Investigators require a license to prove their authenticity. There are certain field of excellence where in one can prove their excellence. The cases like intellectual property theft, financial cases and business need an investigator who is qualified in those specific areas. 

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