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How a Singapore Private Detective Perform Background Checks

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How a Singapore Private Detective Perform Background Checks

Background checking is done to investigate and find out the past of individuals, which includes their home address, their employment history and any criminal records if applicable. This service is one of the services provided by a Singapore private detective and it is useful for business setups that need to verify the authenticity of information provided by their potential new employees. The background check consists of many different types of information. Employment record is verified to check the past employment record of an individual, how long he or she worked in a company and whether the work record remained transparent till the end or not. Another check is done for the education record- verification of the completed courses, degrees, achievements, is done to ensure that the applying individual is not lying. Investigation of financial records tells about any bad credit scores. Home address is verified because if an individual is lying about his home address, there could be a lot of other things he is hiding as well and this raises a red-flag. Drug tests are also done at times if the business setup is concerned about their employees following proper business ethics etc. Litigation records can be also checked as asked by some companies to find out if an individual has a past history showing his tendency of filing discrimination lawsuits.

Now we will see how actually background checks are performed, what are the procedures undertaken and how successful is it. There are four main steps followed by a Singapore private detective to complete the background checks successfully. The first step is to find out the basic information like real full name, birth date, present address and past addresses. This information is especially important when tracking an individual in a criminal record. The home address gives a place to turn to if the individual is involved in any hanky-panky in the future. If the target under inspection is a female, her marital status is also checked. All her last names should be known when tracing her in a criminal record. The next step is to check the information given by the target in the past to other organizations etc. and verify that information with the real records. Anyone who has lied in the past cannot be trusted. A caught lie can also help investigate other leads of fraud by the said target.

Following the checking of past addresses, what a Singapore private detective checks next is the evaluation of general records of the target. These records are only accessible to investigators or other people who have an official permission for this work from the government. Scrutinizing of the general records includes analyzing records like driver’s history of the individual. This gives important information like in this case, a driver’s history would tell if there have ever been any legal charges on the individual because of his driving – whether he has violated any rules, etc. The fourth and one of the most important steps is to evaluate the individual’s criminal background. An investigator begins by checking the local records and then moves on to the records of areas where the individual might have lived in the past. (Here lies one significance of obtaining past addresses of the target). Usually if there are any shady truths in the past of an individual, any crime or the likes in a different region, he usually would never expose his presence in that locality at all in all the future employment applications, to cover up the facts. It is wise for a concerned business setups to scrutinize every important aspect of the past of an individual, just to rule out any risks involved in employing that individual. 

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