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 It is always recommended that you investigate on a particular shortlisted detective before you give him the job of investigating on someone else. If you want quality reports on your case or if you want your issue to be solved logically and accurately within the limit of time, you need to know how to hire a good private detective. Before you go for hiring any private detective, you need to give some time for going over the internet and checking for the qualities a particular private investigator must have in him. Make a list of all these qualities and then go for meeting your short listed detectives. Ask them all the enquiry related questions and then get back to work i.e. preparing a table and then feeding all the characteristics or qualifications of all of your shortlisted detectives and then pick up the best out of them and begin the investigation process.

             After you are successfully done in choosing the best detective among your shortlisted ones, the next job is to prepare all the small evidences or suspicious activities of your suspect and then make a list of those things too. Show this list to your private investigator. A good private detective will immediately understand the temper level and the basic nature of your suspect. He will then prepare a list by himself about the suspect and then ask you to give him a list of every person related to the case i.e. all the living components of the investigation. You can also include the remote relatives and friends in the list but with a lesser priority. The suspect might obviously be having some close friends. You can highlight their names stating highest priority for them. You detective will then investigate on those close friends before beginning the investigation on the suspect.

            By now, you must have been done with almost everything related to the case. The normal estimated fee charged by a good private detective is around $400 to $600. The fees might be little high for some of the readers but those good investigators are worth it as they give you a quality result and an accurate logical end to your case. If you are a victim of Matrimonial Issues, then you must provide the name of your spouse, his photograph, photographs of all his cars, all office and residential contact numbers, photographs of all his colleagues and their criminal record, if any. This will help your investigator to fasten the speed of the case by acting like a catalyst. Normally, when you consult a private investigator for the first time, he won’t charge you any fee. But still, it is good if you carry $200 with you as he might ask for advance fee.

             In some cases, the suspect might contact the judge seeking for a divorce. It is advised that you go for marriage counseling. Marriage counseling is a peaceful way of ending a marriage. If your suspect hasn’t cheated much on you, then it is better to go for marriage counseling. But when the suspect approaches the court to file a counter case i.e. he is saying that you (the victim) are the one who is cheating. Now, you have to hire a very good investigator. This will be a terrible condition for the detective, the victim and the suspect too. This case or household issue needs stronger evidence. Digital evidence like a mere audio recording won’t work well. You’d have to provide the court strong evidence like a video recording with a proper lucidity of the lip-movements of all the people in the video. A video could be a final strike at the suspect and the case will be closed successfully in your (the victim’s) favor.


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